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4th HERA ANNUAL CONFERENCE "European diversities - European identities" and 1st European Conference for Collaborative Humanities Research (ECCHR),
Strasbourg, 8-9 October 2008

What role does humanities research play in society today?

HERA flyer coverThe annual HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) conferences have brought together humanities scholars, policy-makers and other stakeholders to discuss the position and responsibility of humanities in a rapidly changing world, and this since 2005. This year's conference (Strasbourg, 8-9 October 2008) is the first time researchers financed by major European research funders for the humanities will be participating.

Titled 'European diversities - European identities', the two-day conference has been structured across four sessions:

  1. humanities matter,
  2. humanities are changing,
  3. Europe mobilises for the humanities, and
  4. European humanities move.

An impressive body of speakers will focus on the increasing demand for insight from the humanities and emerging trends in research. The opportunity will also be used to explore the extent to which blue-sky research (driven by curiosity more than policy) is necessary to the humanities field today.

More information is available here.

HERA is a consortium committed to furthering the importance of humanities research and creating new funding opportunities for humanities research.