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SMEs in the spotlight - first results of the new FP7 SME-specific measures

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SME-specific measures foreseen under the new FP7 successfully made their first steps in 2008. According to Fernando Trabada Crende, head of the operational sector in the SME unit, an analysis of the project proposals shows "that the new programme meets the requirements and needs of SMEs".

Two calls have been published in 2008: "Research for SMEs" with a budget of 100 million, for which 592 proposals have been submitted, and "Research for SME associations" with a budget of 58 million which received 167 proposals.

An analysis of the proposals submitted confirms that the new programme is appropriately tailored to the needs of SMEs. The high quality of submitted projects should make a profound economic impact on the SMEs' business. This is reflected in the high scores the successful proposals have attracted and by the large number of participating SMEs. Many of the participants are represented by industrial organisations which clearly intend to apply project results to their own core businesses.

A good understanding of the outsourcing approach of this scheme is shown by the high value of outsourced research and to the large variety of RTD performers taking part.

An additional interesting discovery from the analysis is related to gender balance. Women are taking the leading role as co-ordinators especially within the "Research for SMEs" scheme.


Research for SMEs

Research for SME Association

Number of Proposals submitted592267
Proposals passing all thresholds55%35%
Successful proposal17,16%16,77%
Proposal with score higher
or equal to 12,5 in %
of the proposals passing all thresholds
of the proposals passing all thresholds
Average requested grant€1 million
(72% of the total project costs)
€2,3 million
(74% of the total costs)
Outsourced research 80%
 of the total costs
of the total costs
Successful proposal
Male 16,6%32%
ParticipantsSMEs 68% 63%
RTD Performers 38%30%
Organisations from the industrial sector 56% 50%
  • For further details on country participation etc. for the FP7-SME-2007-1 Research for SMEs call click here.PDF (198 KB)
  • For further details on country participation etc. for the FP7-SME-2007-2 Research for SME Associations call click here.PDF (198 KB)