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Expert workshop on Food from the Ocean - paving the way to another High Level Group of Scientific Advisors Scientific Opinion

A key milestone on the way to preparing a Scientific Opinion on how to sustainably harvest more Food from the Ocean was an expert workshop which took place on 14 September 2017 in Brussels. The aim of this workshop was to discuss and review the key findings of the SAPEA evidence review report and to identify points to potentially prioritise in the SAM HLG Scientific Opinion. In particular, the workshop discussed the draft report in terms of the feasibility and practical applicability of the evidence gathered for increasing sustainable ocean harvest whether from marine aquaculture or wild capture.

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SAM explanatory note discussed at stakeholder event: Modern Biotechnologies in Agriculture – paving the way for responsible innovation

HLG member Janusz Bujnicki presented the group's explanatory note on 'New Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology' as a keynote speaker at this one-day conference in Brussels, 28 September 2017.

Speakers and attendees at the event debated how the EU can benefit from modern biotechnologies and innovation in the food and agricultural sector while maintaining high safety standards.

In addition to European Commissioners Vytenis Andriukaitis and Phil Hogan (Health and Food Safety and Agriculture and Rural Development respectively), and Estonian Minister of Rural Affairs, Tarmo Tamm, the event brought together a wide range of stakeholders from civil society, industry, science and Member State governments.

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SAM HLG Scientific Opinion on Cybersecurity in the European Digital Single Market recognised as one of the main inputs for the Commission’s next steps on cybersecurity

Last 13 September the European Commission presented to the European Parliament and to the European Council its Communication paper - "Resilience, Deterrence and Defence: Building strong cybersecurity for the EU" - where it presents the approach and next steps for Cybersecurity in the EU.

The SAM HLG Scientific Opinion on Cybersecurity in the European Digital Single Market, delivered to the Commission in March 2017, has been clearly recognised as one of the main reference points for the future of EU policy making on cybersecurity. Read more

Food from the Oceans in Cardiff Festival

Courtesy SAPEA

Public talks on the theme Food from the Oceans were hosted the 25th anniversary of the renovations of the Norwegian Church in Cardiff, UK on 14 - 15 July 2017. The Annual Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival, which attracts around 80,000 people, was taken as an opportunity to present this topic. A total of 7 speakers from Norway and UK provided the presentations aimed at consumers. A public debate on the theme of ''Can we get more food from the ocean?'' formed a key interactive opportunity for those attending.

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3rd meeting of the European Science Advisors Forum

SAM HLG Members, RTD Director-General and the ESAF Members @Amsterdam, June 2017

The meeting took place in Amsterdam on 29 June. It was hosted by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). Representatives from 11 member countries of ESAF took part, discussing topics at the interface between science, policy, society and politics and included digitalization, artificial intelligence and climate change. The meeting was attended by the Director General of DG Research and Innovation, Robert-Jan Smits, and four members of the SAM High Level Group. The meeting voted for a coordinating country among its members to take up the role of the secretariat for the next three years, in collaboration with the countries that will host the future meetings and the SAM Unit. ESAF was created to provide an independent and informal network for science advice and presently counts 22 member states.

Robert-Jan Smits, Director General of DG Research and Innovation said the 3rd ESAF meeting is “...This is the next step towards ESAF becoming an independent network for science advice structures across Europe, and taking its place in the ecosystem of science advice in Europe. I am looking forward to ESAF and the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism working together on science advice collaboration moving forward, and I am grateful to the Netherlands for co-ordinating ESAF for the next 3 years.

The meeting clarified the role and organisational structure of ESAF and confirmed its value. Facilitating exchange of knowledge and access to existing science advice reports across Europe are important objectives of the network.

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27-28 November 2017, Lisbon, Portugal - "Social dynamics and food from the oceans" Workshop

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