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Quarterly - News Roundup on EC Research and Technological Development Programmes

Contents - January '98 - Nr 17

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bullet Editorial by Edith Cresson
Research and employment: an undervalued link

bullet Science, technology, employment
A new alliance
Stimulating research and innovation also promotes employment

bullet Europe and Youth
Generation Europe
First meeting of young Europeans
Back to school on-line
The school Netd@ys

bullet Environment and Climate
A European effort to heal the world
Interview with Christian Patermann, Director of DG XII's Environment and Climate Programme
Technologies for monitoring, protecting and restoring
Climate, atmosphere, biosphere... How are they changing?

bullet Brite-EuRam: Toulouse 97
Industrial competitiveness allied to the citizen
Interview: Listening to industry

bullet Brite-EuRam
One robot may hide another
Example of project
An eye for gold
Example of project

bullet SMEs
Better targeting of "technology followers"
The opinion of the EU's Economic and Social Committee

bullet Activities of the JRC
Serving research and society
The Petten reactor and the Ispra cyclotron: from fusion to nuclear medicine

bullet COST News
Drug abuse: the need for scientific cooperation
Focus on five years of interdisciplinary research

bullet Biotechnology Programme
Bacillus subtilis decoded
The sequencing of a bacterium's 4.2 million bases brings excellent prospects for the future

bullet European RTD Digest
News in Brief, For your diary, Publications, Calls for proposals

To our readers

Information on Community research must be more transparent if it is to reach beyond the scientists, industrialists and politicians and penetrate to the wider public of Europe's citizens as a whole. Contrary to what is widely believed, people are in fact very interested in progress in science and technology. It is in response to this concern, as expressed by our readers in a recent survey, that RTD Info has changed its format. In addition to a central section listing all the usual practical information (calls for proposals, events, publications, etc.), in future RTD Info will be presenting articles providing a fuller explanation of RTD activities supported by the European Union, together with the results of Community projects. RTD Info seeks to provide its 200,000 readers with information which reflects the lively and dynamic nature of Community research today.

DG XII Communication Unit

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