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RESEARCHERS' NIGHT: One night, 300 European cities

Exploring science through fun learning

Looking for some quality time and fun learning on a Friday night out?

Don't miss the Researchers' Night on Friday, 28 September 2012!

This is a mega event taking place every year on a single September night in about 300 cities all over Europe.


Whether with family, school, friends or on your own – you will find yourself exploring science in engaging ways.


What do researchers really do and why does it matter for your daily life?

  • How is our universe built?
  • How are crime mysteries solved through science?
  • What is your DNA like?
  • Is climate change really happening?

Find out this and more through behind-the-scenes guided tours of research labs that are normally closed to the public, interactive science shows, hands-on experiments or workshops.

Find an event near you now!