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This Participant Portal was established as an Internet portal for the stakeholders of the EU research and innovation programmes. It provides you a set of services to facilitate your participation in the programmes and related interactions with the Commission. You are encouraged to register yourself with the portal to benefit fully from these services.

What's New

The new versions of the Horizon 2020 work programmes

The new versions of the Horizon 2020 work programmes have been adopted this 22 July 2014. Among the modifications made are details on a pilot call for Fast track to innovation (EUR 100 million) and five innovation prizes.

With the publication of the revised Horizon 2020 work programmes on 23 July 2014

calls for proposals are presented in a new way in the categories "forthcoming", "open" and "closed". A call is categorised "forthcoming" between the date of publication of the work programme and the call opening date. A call is categorised "open" from the moment of opening the electronic submission service until the call deadline. After the call deadline, a call is categorised "closed".

Consumer Programme - first calls published 07/2014

Consumer Programme published the first calls on the Participant Portal on 18 July.

Call for expressions of interest to become candidate member of the SESAR JU 07/2014

Published on the SESAR JU web site, the call for expression of interests to become candidate member of the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) is addressed to the current members, who wish to confirm their interest in SESAR Research and Innovation Programme 2020, and to any new entity who intends to become a member of the SESAR JU. For the call criteria and further information, please see the call web site (ref: SJU/LC/0110-CEI).

Five JTIs publish their first H2020 calls on the Participant Portal 07/2014

The five JTIs - BBI, Clean Sky 2, ECSEL, FCH2 and IMI2 - are publishing their first Horizon 2020 calls on the Participant Portal on 9 July 2014.

Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) are public-private partnerships involving industry, research community and public authorities to pursue common ambitious research objectives.

You find more information about the priorities and topics of their first calls under Horizon 2020 in the following pre-announcements:

The calls are published on the H2020 calls page and you can search these calls for topics of your interest on the Topic search page.

Webinar about the usability of the Participant Portal, LEAR appointments, H2020 grants signature (06/2014)

The Participant Portal, the central web platform for the EC research and innovation funding, is improving its user-friendliness and functions for H2020. You can learn more at the webinar on 24 June at 14-17:00 (Brussels time).

All the grant-related online exchanges of EC research and innovation funding are managed on the Participant Portal. To make the system as user-friendly as possible, the Commission seeks continuous advice from the actual users. A next meeting of an external user group is planned for 24 June 2014 afternoon in Brussels. To allow maximum participation and input from a wide audience, this meeting will be webcast with a live stream. Additionally, a web forum will be used where any interested party can post questions and comments, either directly during the meeting or afterwards. The address of the web forum is:

Important remark : to prevent spamming from robots, you will need the following password to access the web forum: forum

The link for the live video stream can be found here:

It will allow you to watch the meeting in real time. The recording of the meeting will be available shortly after the meeting at the same address.

A draft agenda is available at the web forum site.

Time: 24 June 2014 at 14:00-17:00 (Brussels time)

Meeting type: Webinar

New features on Participant Portal (PP) 06/2014

1. You have now a possibility to contact the Legal Entity Appointed Representatives (LEARs) of organisations. The organisation (PIC) search list of results has a green CO ("Contact Organisation") action button providing a contact form for submitting your question to the LEAR.

2. The list of proposals for the LEARs now includes also all Horizon 2020 proposals of the organisation, and a first version of a downloadable list (Excel) with an extended data set on their organisation's proposals. The content of this list is subject to further improvements in future releases.

3rd Health Programme - first calls published 06/2014

3rd Health Programme published the first calls on the Participant Portal.

Iceland and Norway join Horizon 2020 (05/2014)

Iceland and Norway sign up to join Horizon 2020: on 16 May the two countries became the first non-EU countries to associate to Horizon 2020, the seven-year EU research and innovation programme launched in January. The decision takes effect from the beginning of Horizon 2020 allowing these two countries' researchers and companies to participate on the same basis as their counterparts in the EU. The Commission press release.

Information on the Horizon 2020 work programmes (03/2014)

In relation to the call announcement published in the Official Journal C361 of 11 December 2013, please note that all the conditions have been met by 14/2/2014 for the three work programmes. The part 'Secure societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens' of the 2014-2015 work programme in the framework of the Specific Programme Implementing Horizon 2020 - The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) is also adopted(C(2014)1720).

Your attention is drawn to the two following corrigenda of clerical errors:
Corrigendum to the main H2020 work programme
Corrigendum to the Euratom work programme

The latest changes to the Participant Portal (03/2014)

You will be prompted (only once) to agree to Terms and Conditions of the use of the Participant Portal when logging into the secured My Area.

LEARs can export an Excel table with extended information about their organisation's projects (under "My organisations" > "View projects" button).

New release of the Beneficiary Register tool (02/2014)

The new version of the of the Beneficiary Register tool, released on 28 February, includes a questionnaire that allows determining whether an organisation is an SME according to the EU Recommendation 2003/361/EC and thus whether it is eligible to apply for the funding of certain H2020 actions.

Information on Swiss participation in Horizon 2020 (02/2014)

More information can be found here.

First H2020 calls published on 11 December (01/2014)

The first calls for projects of the new Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme were published on the Participant Portal on 11 December 2013.

You can find all the calls in the section Funding opportunities: the page H2020 Calls lists all the open calls, while on the page Search Topics you can search for topics of your interest by key words or via free text search.

The Horizon 2020 funding opportunities for 2014-2015 are set out in Work Programmes that are available on the Reference Documents page.

All Calls are sub-divided into Topics: Topic pages describe the scope and expected impact of proposals for the given topic, list the eligibility conditions and evaluation criteria and other conditions, and provide access to the electronic submission system. On the Call pages you find additional documentation, such as the Work Programme, call related FAQ, support services and helpdesks, etc.

Moreover, the Search Topics page provides a quick access to topics relevant to such cross-cutting aspects as Cross-cutting Key-Enabling Technologies (KETs), Contractual Public-Private Partnerships (cPPPs), ERA-NET, Gender, International cooperation, SME Instrument, Socio-economic sciences and humanities.

Most of the 2014 calls are already open for submission, other published calls will open for submission over the course of the year on the dates indicated in the Work Programmes.

Learn more:

New Improved Participant Portal (12/2013)

The layout of the Participant Portal has been redesigned to help you find the information you need as quickly and simply as possible. The main changes are:

  • Improved speed for LEARs - the full lists of your projects will be available faster than before
  • New layout of calls - the section of H2020 calls will be available on 11 December
  • Topics as sub-division of H2020 calls - you submit your proposals to a particular topic as compared to FP7 submission to a call
  • Search topics of open calls with free keywords
  • Proposal submission forms - templates in pdf format will be available on the "topic conditions" section of the H2020 call service
  • New section How to participate giving the main steps for newcomers to prepare their proposal
  • H2020 Online Manual - overview of all steps you need to know for the electronic management of proposals or grants
  • SME participation - dedicated guidance page for SMEs
  • H2020 and FP7 Reference Documents are available in the section How to Participate
  • Experts' interactions with Commission services will be fully electronic: experts selected for assignments will sign their contracts electronically and submit their payment requests online.
  • Beneficiary registration tool is getting ready for H2020. Under the "Research & Innovation" section, self-registrants (or LEARs when updating data) will be able to declare also the "civil society organisation" status. The FP7 Indirect Cost Method will need to be defined only when self-registering for FP7 and becomes by default not applicable for H2020.
  • Access to continue an unfinished registration of an organisation is moved to the section My area -> My Organisations

H2020 call for expression for interest for experts (11/2013)

New calls for expression of interest for individual experts and for organisations to suggest experts were just published in OJ C342 of 22 November 2013. European Commission will soon need experts to evaluate first Horizon 2020 proposals. Don't forget to tick the H2020 box in the registration platform and update your expertise.