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Topics for open science

Open Science in one of the three policy priorities of the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Moedas and is part of the Digital Single Market (DSM) initiative of the European Commission.

Open Science describes the on-going transitions in the way research is performed, researchers collaborate, knowledge is shared, and science is organised. It is enabled by digital technologies, and driven by the enormous growth of data, the globalisation and enlargement of the scientific community including new actors (e.g. citizen science), and the need to address societal challenges. The institutions involved in science are affected (research organisations, research councils, funding bodies), as is the way in which science is disseminated and assessed e.g. the rise of new scientific disciplines, innovative pathways in publishing (among them a substantial rise of open access journals), new scientific reputation systems, and changes in the way the quality and impact of research are evaluated.

In the short term, Open Science may offer more transparency, openness, inclusiveness and networked collaboration. In the long term, it may make science more efficient, reliable and responsive to the grand challenges of our times as well as foster co-creation and Open Innovation. Open Science increases the impact and quality of science and it might also change the assessment of scientific integrity.

Open access to scientific peer reviewed publications has been anchored as an underlying principle in Horizon 2020 and as such is obligatory for any publication which is the result of a Horizon 2020 grant.

As for open access to research data the Commission is running a limited pilot in Horizon 2020. The pilot aims to improve and maximise access to and re-use of research data generated by Horizon 2020 projects, taking into account the need to balance openness and protection of scientific information, commercialisation and IPR, privacy concerns, security as well as data management and preservation questions. This open access to research data pilot concerns selected areas of Horizon 2020 ('core areas'). Projects not covered by the scope of the pilot can participate on an individual and voluntary project-by-project basis.

If you click here you will find a list of topics relevant to open science. The list should not be seen as exhaustive but only as a list of those topics that are particular relevant to the priority area 'open science'. The list does not include the topics that are part of the pilot action on open data.

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