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The Grant Preparation Form of GPF is a mandatory document which is used before the signature of the Grant Agreement by European Commission.  

Quoted from Negotiations Guidance Notes (version 2009-01-27):

The Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPFs) are necessary for the production of the Grant Agreement.

Essentially, the forms identify the beneficiaries that will sign/accede to the Grant Agreement, establish the eligible costs and the Community contribution and contain structured information on the work packages, efforts, milestones and deliverables of the project. The forms also include a standard declaration to be signed by each participating organisation.

To assist applicants complete the GPFs, the Commission Services have made available:

  • Annotations - these are attached to the standard forms and should be read carefully
  • Pre-filled legal information (see below)
  • Online Negotiation Facility tool (NEF)


Legal information is captured in form A2.1. This information is pre-filled by the Commission using information either taken from the proposal or downloaded from PDM-URF, the Commission's central database for validated legal entities (the Participant Data Management facility being linked with the online self-registration tool Unique Registration Facility).


Third parties involved in the project via Special Clause 10 to the Model Grant Agreement are subject to the same requirement for validation of existence and legal status as the direct beneficiaries. Therefore, where necessary, third parties covered by Special Clause 10 must undergo the same procedure of self-registration and CVT validation in PDM-URF. The third parties linked to an individual participant must be identified in form A2.2 for this particular participant.

Budgetary information is captured in form A3.2. The budget breakdown is also part of Part A of Annex I to the Grant Agreement. The same data appearing in the budget table of form A3.2 has to be used in Part A of Annex I of the Grant Agreement.

The GPFs also include in Appendix I simplified accounts that may be requested as part of the financial viability check. These simplified account sheets are not currently implemented in NEF. During the negotiations, for the participants requiring a financial viability check, the EC Project Officer shall contact coordinators separately to obtain the necessary information. In the future, also the data for filling in the simplified accounts sheets will be collected through NEF. 

Please consult Negotiations Guidance Notes to get an example of GPF layout.


This text is provided as quick reference to ease understanding but does not replace reading the official source of information: Negotiations Guidance Notes

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