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Transporting the future

Funding for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) is set to rise dramatically in view of the EU’s enlargement, and transport is one of its main thematic priorities. Beginning in 2006, the new FP7’s transport research goals include:

  • the greening of surface transport (reduction of environmental and noise pollution, clean and efficient power trains, use of alternative fuels for transport);
  • intermodal shifts and the decongestion of transport corridors (development of intermodal networks, information exchanges between vehicle/vessel and transport infrastructures);
  • sustainable urban mobility (new public transportation modes, integrated town planning and transport);
  • stronger competitiveness (component, vehicle and infrastructure technologies; cost-effective production systems and infrastructure construction; improved design processes).

Such projects of technological excellence will lead to a cleaner, safer and more secure transport environment for Europe’s citizens. And they will strengthen business and industry, thus helping the EU achieve its Lisbon Agenda goals of strong job creation and economic growth.



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