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Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)

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09 March 2016

Eurosteelmaster 2017, Advanced training course for the European steel sector | 15-19 May 2017, Terni, Italy

The Eurosteelmaster is aimed at managers, technical staff, researchers, trade unionists and other professionals operating in the steel industry and in closely related areas. Participants should possess a university degree or equivalent experience.

The course is organized by CSM with the support of European Commission, EUROFER, Federacciai, ESTEP – European Steel Technology Platform. We welcome cooperation with EU interested parties, on the basis of enrollment of participants from the main European Steel and related Companies and we are open to any suggestion concerning both programme contents and high level speakers.

02 February 2017

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The Future of European Steel Industry - 8 March 2017, Brussels

The European Commission is organising a Seminar on the "Future of European Steel - Innovation and Sustainability in a competitive world and EU circular economy".

The seminar will take place in Brussels at DG Research & Innovation, Covent Garden Building, 16 Place Rogier.

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November 2016

The synopsis of RFCS projects 2016 is available PDF icon


June 2016

The RFCS Information Package 2016PDF icon is available


June 2016

The link to the submission of proposals for 2016 is now available



European Coal & Steel Research, Progress to Innovation

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The Research Fund for Coal & Steel (RFCS) gives funding of over €50 million every year to innovative projects to enhance the safety, efficiency and competitive edge of the EU coal and steel industries.

It was created in 2002 to build on the successes of the European Coal and Steel Community. This visionary common market helped unite nations, reinvigorate the European economy and lay the foundations for the European Union as we know it today.

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Experts' corner

The RFCS is looking for highly qualified independent experts to act as evaluators during the next evaluation exercise. Candidatures are welcome in all areas covered by the programme:

  • TGC1 - Coal mining operation, mine infrastructure and management, unconventional use of coal deposits
  • TGC2 - Coal preparation, conversion and upgrading
  • TGC3 - Coal combustion, clean and efficient coal technologies, CO2 capture
  • TGS1 - Ore agglomeration and Ironmaking
  • TGS2 - Steelmaking processes
  • TGS3 - Casting
  • TGS4 - Hot and cold rolling processes
  • TGS5 - Finishing and coating
  • TGS6 - Physical metallurgy and design of new generic steel grades
  • TGS7 - Steel products and applications for automobiles, packaging and home appliances
  • TGS8 - Steel products and applications for building, construction and industry
  • TGS9 - Factory-wide control, social and environmental issues

To enroll as an expert for the RFCS, please register in the database of experts on the Participant Portal.

Enrollement procedure

  1. Access the Participant Portal and log in with your ECAS account (or create a new ECAS account if you don't have one).
  2. Click on the tab "Experts" and then on "Register as expert"
  3. Follow the instructions. When asked to indicate the programmes for which you wish to be considered, tick the box of "Other funding programmes".
  4. If you are already registered on the database of experts, make sure your profile is regularly updated.
  5. Once the registration is complete, send an email to the RFCS ( informing us about your availability; please mention the Technical Group corresponding to your expertise and the reference number of your profile on the database of experts."



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