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Nanotechnology is the study of phenomena and fine-tuning of materials at atomic, molecular and macromolecular scales, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. Nanomaterials as defined in a 2011 Commission Recommendation (PDF version, 716KB) are materials which often have specific properties due to their small particle size. Read more...

What's new

EC publishes Feedback to its Public Consultation on Nano Transparency Measures

As part of the Communication on the Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials, the European Commission will launch an impact assessment to identify and develop the most adequate means to increase transparency and ensure regulatory oversight on nanomaterials. A public consultation was conducted in support of the impact assessment. Its objective was to obtain stakeholder views on the currently available information on nanomaterials on the market, the problem definition that forms the basis of the impact assessment, as well as the potential positive and/or negative impacts of the aforementioned policy options.
The European Commission received 202 responses to this public consultation. 100 respondents submitted the questionnaire for industry stakeholders, while 102 respondents submitted the questionnaire for other stakeholders. 14 respondents requested that their contributions would not be published. A full summary and analysis of the public consultations will be published in due course. More information...

Public consultation on the modification of the REACH Annexes on Nanomaterials

The Commission has launched a public consultation on the modification of the REACH Annexes on nanomaterials. The consultation will run from 21 June to 13 September 2013 and is open to all interested stakeholders. The objective of this policy initiative is to ensure further clarity on how nanomaterials are addressed and safety demonstrated in registration dossiers. The REACH legislation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) must ensure a high level of health, safety and environmental protection. At the same time it should permit access to innovative products and promote innovation and competitiveness.

Call for tenders: Study on transparency on nanomaterials on the market

DG Enterprise and Industry launched a call for tenders titled ' Study to assess the impact of possible legislation to increase transparency on nanomaterials on the market' with the deadline set for 19 August 2013. The objective of this open call for tenders is to assist the Commission in the preparation of an Impact Assessment to identify and to develop the most adequate means to increase the transparency and to ensure the regulatory oversight for nanomaterials on the market ("nano-registry").
This call responds directly to the announcement made in the communication from the Commission on the Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials (adopted on 3 October 2012) about the intention from the Commission to the launch of an Impact Assessment that would 'include those nanomaterials currently falling outside existing notification, registration or authorisation schemes'. This work should consider a register of nanomaterials and/or products containing nanomaterials in parallel to the existing REACH and CLP obligations.