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Research in Nanosciences & technologies

Nanotechnology’ is the new frontier of science and technology in Europe and around the world, working at the scale of individual molecules. Top scientists as well as policymakers worldwide praise the benefits it would bring to the entire society and economy: most of them insist on the key role research would play in the value-creation process to develop exploitable portfolios of technologies by the European industry leading to a choice of unique applications, products, markets and profitable revenue sources.

The speed of innovation and the rapid uptake of new developments in the field of nanosciences and nanotechnologies are improving the quality of life of European citizens as well as helping meet the Lisbon European Council objective for the EU to become the most competitive knowledge-based society by 2010.

Advances in nano-scale technologies will develop into mass markets in the coming years, with new products and services developed by the industry capable of enhancing human health, while also conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Mapping Portal for Nanotechnology Research in FP6 and FP7 (PDF version, 13.5MB)

The mapping tool allows a structured and purposeful presentation of EU funded projects, for more than 2000 organisations under FP6 and FP7 [...] Read more