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With applications in a broad variety of sectors, life sciences and biotechnology are main innovation drivers in the European Union, leading to new growth and competitiveness in traditional sectors, such as paper and pulp and chemical industries (including pharmaceutical the industry), textile companies and many others.

Today, there are already many bio-based products on the market, which were produced by modern fermentation processes or a combination of biochemical and chemical processes, allowing significant savings in terms of greenhouse gas emissions of up to 80% and reducing energy consumption by up to 40%. Examples of bio-products include biopolymers used in construction and household applications, biodegradable plastics, bio-lubricants, and bio-solvents. The use of bio-detergents and related enzymes are commonplace in nowadays households, allowing cleaner laundry with reduced environmental footprints as compared to using more traditional detergents. Biotechnology as key-enabling technology also constitutes an indispensable element in the manufacturing of antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids and other fine chemicals.

Our aim in supporting biotechnology research in the area of Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Research is to exploit the current and future know-how for boosting technological innovation and industrial leadership. We want European Industries to maintain their global leadership position for the benefit of European citizens. In pursuit of these goals we focus on mission-oriented research towards life sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes.