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Friday, 29 May 2015

1. CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES: Workshop about innovation policies for Cultural Heritage Istitutions - 10 July 2015, Budapest

The CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project has the task to design a Roadmap for broadening e-Infrastructure deployment to support citizen researchers in digital culture. This Workshop will be the occasion to present an advanced version of the Roadmap, in order to obtain other inputs from different stakeholders before finalising the Roadmap. [read more]

2. EU and Japan step up cooperation on 5G mobile technology and strengthen research and innovation collaboration

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 29 May 2015 With the new 5G agreement, the EU will join forces with Japan to cope with the increasing need for wireless Internet and complement current efforts to create a Digital Single Market in Europe. Günther H. [read more]

3. Research Headlines - Gauging the impact of climate change on mountain water resources

Rising temperatures in mountain regions could have a significant impact on ecosystems, societies and economies around the world over the coming decades, according to EU-funded researchers who led a landmark study into the effects of climate change on mountain water resources. [read more]

4. Rheumatology & Aging Conference 2015 - 8-11 September 2015, Cambridge, UK

This conference will focus on the cells that control the immune system, their function in health, disease and aging, and the role of inflammation on musculoskeletal diseases of aging. At the end of this conference the participants will understand immune cell function in health and disease, and aging. The format of this conference will include plenary sessions with related abstracts presented by participants, a poster session, and free time to network, discuss and reflect on the ideas presented at the conference. [read more]

5. Sigma-Tech Days - Additive Manufacturing: a new way of thinking about objects design and manufacture - 15-18 June 2015, Limoges, France

This event will serve as a forum to establish a snapshot of the academic and industrial landscape internationally in targeted research area and enable participants to share and exchange ideas. The scientific topics discussed cover a wide range of applications of additive manufacturing technologies. Materials issues (ie feedstocks) hardware and sotfware will be detailed in conjunction with the fields of health, energy, aerospace and information technology and communication. [read more]


The final conference of the Civic Espistemologies project will illustrate and promote a Roadmap that indicates a set of steps to improve the relationship between cultural heritage and society.The conference will offer an opportunity for as many members as possible of the network of common interest to come together to discuss the topic of citizen researchers in digital cultural heritage and humanities and to contribute to the general vision to an open science infrastructure for the digital cultural heritage in 2020. [read more]

Thursday, 28 May 2015

7. Career Tracking of Doctorate Holders - Investing in the future: are we supporting the right choices?

ESF has just published a report on a pilot study of the career paths of post-doctorates and doctorate alumni from five research funding and research performing organisations: AXA Research Fund (AXA RF), France, Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg, Goethe Graduate Academy at the Goethe... [read more]

8. Graphene Connect Workshop: Investment and business opportunities within the ‘emerging technology’ market?

Are you an investor looking for business opportunities within the ‘emerging technology’ market? Or are you an entrepreneur or SME working with graphene-based products looking for investment? Then participate to this workshop and register before 15 June. [read more]

9. High chlorine coal affects pollution from domestic stoves - 28 May 2015

A study looking into the dioxin concentrations in flue gases – which are emitted from coal burnt in residential stoves – show they increase 100 times if the chlorine content in the fuel rises from 0.07% to 0.38%. [read more]

10. Success Stories - Building for the future with self-repairing concrete

Bridges, tunnels and other civil engineering structures could become safer thanks to self-repairing being developed as part of a European research project. Engineers at Ghent University in Belgium have taken a lead role in the pioneering work. [read more]

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