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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

1. 3rd International Conference on Lipid Science & Technology - 11-12 December 2017, Rome, Italy

3rd International Conference on Lipid Science & Technology is going to be held in Rome, Italy during December 11-12, 2017. Lipid Conferences will lay a platform for world-class Lipidologists, Professors, Doctors, Biochemists, Molecular biologists and Scientists to discuss an approach for lipidomics. So, Lipids 2017 welcomes the Professors, Research scholars, Industrial Professionals, Pharmaceutical Researchers, physicians and student delegates from lipids field and healthcare sectors to be part of it. Lipids 2017 Conference is an unquestionable requirement to join as it will give an inside and out perspective of world-class, interdisciplinary examination dialog from fundamental science scientists through clinical specialists to end up pioneers in exploration on lipid digestion system and its connection to cardiovascular sickness, diabetes, weight, atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders, immunological illnesses, and disease and so forth. [read more]

2. Challenges in measuring productivity, growth and intangibles - 17 March 2017, Brussels

The overall objective of this one-day event is to discuss the progress in the measurement of productivity, growth and intangibles from the perspective of official statistics and of recent contributions of economic research resulting from a number of projects funded under the Seventh European Union’s Research Framework Programme (FP7). [read more]

3. Controlled catalysis for ultra-clean fuels

“Without catalysts society would not exist as we know it today,” says Krijn de Jong, professor of inorganic chemistry and catalysis at Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands. “Catalysts are crucial for energy conversion, chemicals production and environmental processes such as cleaning exhaust gases.” [read more]

4. Nanomaterials: Industrial Workshop on Safe-By-Design - 24-25 April 2017, Bilbao, Spain

Introduction of the Safe-By Design concept and tools developed for nanomaterials that are available for industry to use. The event is aimed at industrial companies who can benefit from the use of Safe-By-Design in their nanomaterial production and use. [read more]

5. Research Headlines - Extending the lifespan of offshore maritime structures

EUfunded researchers have developed an innovative aluminium-based coating that provides better, more environmentally friendly protection to offshore energy installations. The coating is now being commercialised. [read more]

6. Vitamin D Nutrition & Health Current and Future Perspectives - 5-6 September 2017, Cork, Ireland

This international conference on vitamin D will be an important forum for presentation, discussion and exchange of ideas on current research in the area of vitamin D. The conference coincides with the closing stages of the ODIN R&I project and the main scientific findings from the project will be presented together with several invited international keynote speakers on topics related to vitamin D and health. This conference will be of interest to many, with health professionals, food industry decision makers, food/nutrition policy regulators, as well as academics, researchers and students expected to attend. The main symposia will focus on: • Dietary Requirements for Vitamin D • Evidence-base for food strategies for tackling inadequacies of vitamin D intake and status • Issues in relation to Vitamin D and Health in Adults, as well as at Key Life Stages • Safety and population surveillance [read more]

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

7. Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials Pilot Projects Test-beds for industry & private investments - 8 March 2017, San Sebastian, Spain

The European Commission DG for Research & Innovation and the government of the Basque Country are co-organising a workshop during the NANOSPAIN 2017 week, to show-case several pilot projects to stakeholders from industry (medium and large companies, SMEs and start-ups), private investors and other key stakeholders. Registration to the workshop is free of charge and should be done no later than 7 March. More info on the registration: Delegates to this event may benefit from a 20% discount in the NANOSPAIN 2017 early-bird fee. [read more]

8. Research Headlines - Safer roads for cyclists

Cyclists suffer a disproportionately high share of road accident injuries and fatalities. Through a combination of detection technologies, warning systems, information display and cooperation systems aimed at reducing collisions, EU-funded researchers are planning to cut fatality figures and make cycling safer. [read more]

Monday, 20 February 2017

9. Research Headlines - Community-based approaches to diabetes

Diabetes is a global health threat. Three EU-funded projects are testing community-based approaches to prevention and management of the disease in Europe, Asia and Africa. [read more]

Friday, 17 February 2017

10. Research Headlines - Integrating better care for older people

EU-funded project SUSTAIN aims to improve care services for the elderly by integrating the needs and wishes of patients. Such integrated, patient-centred care will promote better services and more choice for older people. [read more]

Items 1-10 of 41 – Page: 2  3  4  5