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This Syndicated News page contains articles for the last 30 days from a variety of news feeds related to the European Research Area. The list of articles is refreshed every 15 minutes so you can be sure of the latest information.

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Friday, 01 August 2014

1. 10 new innovative nanoelectronics projects in EUREKA CATRENE’s pipeline

Published on: 01-August-2014 Six Project Outlines submitted to the 7th call for project of EUREKA’s nanoelectronics Cluster CATRENE have received the green light to submit full proposals befo (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

2. CATRENE Design technology Conference a real success

Published on: 01-August-2014 The CATRENE Design technology Conference took place last month in Grenoble and brought together delegates from 30 top European companies active in the sector of electronics, in between others Audi, (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

3. In memoriam Kostas Nittis

We are very sad to announce that the former Chair of the European Marine Board, Professor Kostas Nittis, passed away on 30 July. [read more]

4. Research Headlines - New technologies for disease indicator identification

Smart new technologies for characterising cellular components, collectively known as omics, offer the potential for great advances in the evaluation of an individual's risk of developing disease. However, their use in the study of the risk of disease associated with exposure to environmental factors is still in its infancy. [read more]

5. Success Stories - From sunlight to jet fuel: EU project makes first 'solar' kerosene

An EU-funded research project called SOLAR-JET has produced the world's first 'solar' jet fuel from water and carbon dioxide (CO2), a promising technology for a better energy security and turning possibly a greenhouse gas into a useful resource. [read more]

Thursday, 31 July 2014

6. Baltic sea region’s very own transnational innovation funding programme

Published on: 31-July-2014 The Baltic sea region (BSR) stars initiative brings together the research ministries and national innovation agencies of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Pola (...) [read more]

Source: EUREKA News

7. Research Headlines - Building high performance, low cost radar system

Since the ancient Greeks first began collecting rainwater in pots in about 500 BC, little has changed in how basic rainfall records are made. While there are more precise measurement methods, for example by using parts of multi-purpose radars operated by large weather services, they are complex and expensive for local users. Now, an alternative is possible thanks to a European Union (EU)-funded research project developing an accurate, affordable, real time, and user-friendly system to monitor both the spatial distribution and the intensity of rain. [read more]

8. Success Stories - Arithmetical surprises from the quantum universe.

The classical notion of trajectory in physics has its foundation in common sense: the position and the velocity of an object can be predicted by computations and measured at a given time. As opposed to the classical universe, the behaviour of elementary particles is elusive. Only the probabilities of physical events can be predicted. These probabilities are sums of all possible trajectories of the quantum system from the initial to the final state. [read more]

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

9. 3rd International Conference on E-Technologies & Business on the Web (EBW2015) - 26-28 March 2015, Paris, France

This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to share the knowledge, ideas, innovations and problem solving techniques that focuses on Interdisciplinary conference, digital business and consumer behaviour. [read more]

10. 3rd International Conference on Technological Advances in Electrical, Electronics & Computer Engineering - 29 April - 5 May 2015, Beirut, Lebanon

The event will be held over three days, with presentations delivered by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures. All the papers will be submitted to IEEE for inclusion to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases. [read more]

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