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Social innovation

Cast your vote now for the challenge you want to be the first ever Horizon Prize for Social Innovation!

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The challenge of ageing population to be tackled with the first Horizon Prize for Social Innovation

Innovations are new or significantly improved goods, services, processes and methods; they are social if they are designed to benefit society rather than the indiv idual. Very often social challenges cannot be met with traditional recipes and approaches.

The European Commission, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank Institute, plan to launch a € 2 Million Horizon prize on a social challenge chosen by the public, as part of Horizon 2020, the EU's biggest ever research and innovation framework programme.


How to vote

To vote, you'll need to accept cookies from the Europa website. Then simply click on your favourite topic (one vote per person).

Voting closes at 12:00 Brussels local time on 21 October 2015.
The result will be announced on this website on 22 October 2015.



Horizon prizes are inducement prizes that offer a reward to whoever can most effectively meet a defined challenge. The aim is to engage communities to work towards a common goal, spur interest in a particular issue, attract new, dynamic innovators to an area, mobilise additional private investment for research and innovation, and stimulate novel, replicable solutions to the grand challenges, for the benefit of European citizens.

Please cast your vote for one of five challenges presented below. The challenge with the most votes will then become the subject of a Horizon Prize.



Social Innovation

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