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Several FP7 Projects address the policy context of clinical research. Three projects in particular look at the needs of patients as participants in clinical trials and how different patient populations are enrolled in clinical trials.

  • ICREL ( Impact on Clinical Research of European Legislation) measures and analyses the impact of European legislation on clinical research. It received a EUR 1 million EU funding.
  • Patientpartner (Identifying the needs for Patients Partnering in Clinical Research) sets out to involve patients organisations so that research be better adjusted to the real needs of patients. It also benefited from a EUR 1 million contribution.
  • PREDICT (Increasing the participation of the elderly in clinical trials) investigates why the elderly are underrepresented in clinical trials and what can be done to improve their participation.
  • RESPECT (Relating expectations and needs to the participation and empowerment of children in clinical trials). A greater participation of children in clinical trials will result in more reliable medicines for them.
  • COMET (The COMET (Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials) Initiative) aims to develop an international network of individuals and organisations interested in the development, application and promotion of core outcome sets with a goal of increasing the efficiency and value of the research process by reducing the inefficiencies of trials of similar topics measuring outcomes in different ways.

IDCT Workshop, organized by the European Commission
Can we facilitate multinational investigator-driven clinical trials?
Brussels, 10 November 2009

The European Union also finances a certain number of clinical trials in different areas of medical research such as fighting poverty-related diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity or rare diseases.