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Projets du 6e/5e PC

Liste des projets 2001-2007 financés par l'UE et classés par acronyme

AIV VACC DIAGNOSIS Vaccine, Diagnostic Test Development and Immunology Aspects of Avian Influenza
AntePrion Development of a preclinical blood test for prion diseases
AVIFLU Pathogenesis and Improved Diagnosis and Control of Avian Influenza Infections
CHIMERIC VACCINES Development of Influenza Del Ns1 Virus as a Vector for Foreign Antigens
ConFluTech Capacity Building for the Control of Avian Influenza through Technology Transfer and Training
DENCO Towards sucessful dengue prevention and control
DENFRAME Innovative diagnostic tools and therapeutic aproaches for dengue disease
DISSECT Development of intervention strategies against SARS in a European -Chinese taskforce
ECORAIP European Content for Public Health Awareness of Rural Population on Avian Influenza Prevention
EDEN Emerging Diseases in a Changing European Environment
EISS European Influenza Surveillance Scheme
EPIZONE Network of Excellence for Epizootic Disease Diagnosis and Control
EPISARS Prevention of future SARS epidemics through the control of animal and human infection
ESNIP European Surveillance Network for Influenza in Pigs
ESNIP 2 European Surveillance Network for Influenza in Pigs 2
EUTRICOD European Training and Research Centre for Imported and Highly Contagious Diseases
EUROFLU Molecular Factors and Mechanisms of Transmission and Pathogenicity of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus
EVENT Pro viding tools to prevent emergence of enteric viruses
FLU-LAB-NET Development and Enhancement of Laboratory Networks for Avian Influenza
FLUAID Generation of Information and Tools to Support the Management of the Avian Influenza Crisis in Poultry
FLUINNATE Innate Immunity in Influenza Virus Infection of Mammalian Airways
FLUPAN Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic
FLUPATH Avian Influenza: Impact of Virus-Host Interactions on Pathogenesis and Ecology
FLUPOL Host-Specific Variants of the Influenza Virus Replication Machinery
FLURESIST Avian Influenza Virus Survival in Poultry Commodities, Poultry Manure and the Environment
FLUSECURE Combating Flu in a Combined Action between Industry and the Public Sector in Order to Secure Adequate and Fast Intervention in Europe
FLUTEST Improved Diagnosis and Early Warning Systems for Avian Influenza Outbreak Management
FLUTRAIN Training and Technology Transfer of Avian Influenza Diagnostics and Disease Management Skills
FluVac Dose Sparing and Increased Immunogenicity for Vaccination against Pandemic Influenza with Covaccine Ht
FLUVACC Live Attenuated Replication-Defective Influenza Vaccine
GoatBSE Goat BSE: proposal for improvement of goat TSE discriminative diagnosis and susceptibility based assessment of BSE infectivity in goat milk and meat
HEALTHY POULTRY Development of New Integrated Strategies for Prevention, Control and Monitoring of Epizootic Poultry Diseases
HEALTHY-WATER Assessment of human health impacts from emerging microbial pathogens in drinking water by molecular and epidemiological studies
IMMUNOPRION Immunologica l and structural studies of prion diversity
INN-FLU Influence of Viral Proteins of Avian Influenza Virus on the Innate Immune Response of Birds
Intranasal H5vaccine Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of Intranasal Delns1(H5n1) Influenza Vaccine
LAB-ON-SITE New and emerging technologies: improved laboratory and on-site detection of OIE lists A viruses in animals and animal products
Med-Vet-Net Network for the prevention and control of zonoses
MUCADJ Prove the Mucosal Adjuvanticity of Lt Mutants with Influenza Antigens for Intranasal Immunisation
NeuroPrion Prevention, control and management of prion diseases
NEW-FLUBIRD Network for Early Warning of Influenza Viruses in Migratory Birds in Europe
NOVADUCK Novel Ai Diva Recombinant Vaccines for Duck
NOVAFLU Novel Vaccination Strategies and Vaccine Formulations for Epidemic and Pandemic Influenza Control
PANFLUVACEfficacious Vaccine Formulation System for Prophylactic Control of Influenza Pandemics
PrionscreenDevelopment of a blood screning assay for diagnosis of prion diseases in humans
PHLawFluPublic Health Law to Support Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
POLYMODImproving Public Health Policy in Europe through Modelling and Economic Evaluation of Interventions for the Control of Infectious Diseases
RaSPRapid SPR for parallel detection of pathogens in blood
RespVirusesImmune Response to Viral Respiratory Infections and Vaccination in the Elderly
RIVERSResistance of Influenza Viruses in Environmental Reservoirs and Systems
SARSControlEffective and acceptable strategies for the control of SARS and new emerging infections in China and Europe
SARS-DTVComplementar y research action to suport SARS-related diagnostic tests, therapeutic interventions and vaccine development
SARS/FLU VACCINEDevelopment of a Combined Influenza/Sars Vaccine
SARSTRANSControl policy optimisation for SARS and other emerging infections: characterising transmission dynamics and estimating key epidemiological parameters
SARSVACImmunoprevention and imunotherapy of SARS infection
SEPSDASino-European Project on SARS Diagnostics and Antivirals
StrainBarrierUnderstanding prion strains and species barriers and devising novel diagnostic approaches
Universal VaccineNovel Antigen-Adjuvant Vehicle as an Effective Influenza Vaccine
TSEURAn integrated immunological and cellular strategy for sensitive TSE diagnosis and strain discrimination
VHF DiagnosticsDevelopment of rapid field diagnostics for identification, control and management of haemorhagic fever outbreaks
VHF/VARIOLA-PCRDevelopment of rapid field diagnostics for identification, control and management of haemorhagic fever outbreaks
VIRGILEuropean Vigilance Network for the Management of Antiviral Drug Resistance
VIZIERComparative Structural Genomics on Viral Enzymes involved in Replication