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Training in Europe

The European Commission is keen to encourage participation in its research projects by qualified individuals from around the world. Several programmes have been put in place to provide financial support for such involvement:

INCO bursaries

When preparing a research proposal, consortia may include applications for International co-operation (INCO) training bursaries. These are short term training grants to give researchers from developing countries the opportunity to work for up to six months in a European research institute participating in a Fifth Framework Programme research project. The bursaries will be granted for training activities - to allow an applicant to learn a new scientific technique or work on a particular experiment for example. The applicant must be no older than 40 and come from an African, Caribbean, Pacific, Asian, Latin American or Mediterranean partner country.

For more information consult:

Marie Curie training fellowships in the Growth Programme

These consist of:

  • Industry Host Fellowships, which are awarded to registered companies for training young post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers in an industrial environment; and
  • Experienced Researcher Fellowships, which allow experienced researchers to transfer knowledge and technology between industry and academia or contribute to scientific development in less favoured regions.

For more information consult:


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