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Cleaner engines shared

Some 40 Growth-funded projects working towards cleaner, lower-emission engines will meet at the annual review of the Premtech II thematic network. Taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 12 and 13 June 2003, the review will also look at proposals to continue work in this field under FP6.

Premtech II is a Growth thematic network coordinating the work of 40 projects developing clean, efficient and intelligent internal combustion engines running on both conventional and alternative fuels. The overall aim is to improve fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions while keeping vehicle performance at acceptable levels for customers.

The network maintains a joint research strategy, identifying gaps in research activities through regular assessment of the international state of the art in the field. Another network task is the development and validation of modelling and testing methodologies for both engine performance and cost and emission effects.

Annual review

Fundamental to Premtech II's work is the regular exchange of information on results and ongoing research. The annual review (preceded by a members-only network meeting) provides the opportunity to share experiences and discuss the key areas for future work. Individual projects will be presented through poster sessions, and focused in particular on new projects and proposals for FP6 activities.

Giorgio Cornetti, coordinator:; tel. +39 011 729252; fax +39 011 7724663

Premtech II:
Annual review

Key data

Research carried out within the PREMTECH thematic network has been supported under the Growth Programme's Land transport and marine technologies key action.


PREMTECH II - Efficient and low emitting propulsion technologies (G3RT-2001-05028).


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