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6. European Aeronautics for the 2020s -
The Advisory Group Vision










6.4 The Advisory Group Vision

The Value of a Vision
We need a vision of the future to stimulate the whole range of activities which will together create a more effective air transport system for 2020. It has been described as "a dream with a deadline" - a time-based aspiration that stretches our imagination and challenges our abilities to achieve exceptional results.

A vision is not a plan. There is as yet no coherent set of actions that will create this future. But the Vision is a clear direction; like a lighthouse it leads us forward even though we have to cope with many conflicting tides and currents on the way.

The value of a single vision is that it gives coherence to the actions of many groups. It does not dictate how each must act, but for those who accept the final objective it maintains a sense of direction.

The Vision does not lead to a master plan that is rigidly controlled and inflexible. It allows the key goals that are steps towards the vision to be identified - the imperatives that will need to be achieved and the compromises required to reach holistic optimal solutions.

This Group recommends that the stakeholders in European aeronautics should explore these goals together, sharing views on what the crucial intermediate steps need to be, agreeing the key performance needs of the future systems. This does not mean that every aspect needs to be agreed - there will be areas of difference. But it urges that we establish a new partnership to seek out those areas where we can agree and allow this to condition how we each travel toward the Vision.

Examples of possible areas for exploration are

  • The impact of new ATM systems to increase system capacity.
  • The scope for increasing airport capacity by innovative, and perhaps radical, new approaches.
  • The competitive advantages of new aircraft concepts and their implication for the airlines.
  • The implications for aircraft design and airline operations of new approaches to passenger and baggage systems at airports.
  • The possibilities and implications for very quiet operation of aircraft with respect to communities living outside airports.

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