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Policy decisions – especially at the European level – are never easy. What policy-makers decide will potentially affect the lives of millions of people for many years. This makes reaching informed decisions crucial, and scientific research can help illuminate their policy choices.
Recognising the power of science to serve the decision-making process, the European Commission has launched its ‘Scientific support to policies’ (SSP) initiative under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for Research.


  • To improve the quality of policy decisions and to speed up the decision-making process
  • To provide rapid responses mechanisms to urgent political needs
  • To promote the participation of researchers in the policy arena

How it works?

SSP serves the decision-making process through targeted research which must respond to the specific needs identified by policy-makers.

SSP priorities?

Three main priority areas:

  • The sustainable management of Europe’s natural resources
  • Improving the health, security and opportunities enjoyed by EU citizens
  • Enhancing the economic potential and cohesion of an enlarging Europe

More info?

European Commission - Research Directorate-General
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
Fax: +32/2 295.60.33
Direct e-mail
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Current SSP projects?
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SSP final reports:

Report on 'Outcomes from the SSP Programme (calls for proposals)' (PDF 112 KB)

Report on 'SSP Awareness raising and exploitation /use of results' (PDF 151KB)