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Dr. Ragnhild Sohlberg


Dr. Ragnhild Sohlberg

Vice president

Corporate Centre
Norsk Hydro ASA
0240 Oslo

Tel: +47-22 53 28 51
Fax: + 47-22 53 31 60


Born in Hamar (Norway). Currently Vice President, Corporate Centre, Norsk Hydro ASA in Oslo, and Adjunct Professor, The Norwegian School of Management, Department of Strategy, Graduate and Management Programs.

Education: B.A. (Hons., 1973, Economics) and M.A.(Hons., 1974, Economics) at The University of Wisconsin; M.Phil.(1976) and Ph.D. (1980) at The Rand Graduate School of Policy Sciences, Calif..

1985 -

Norsk Hydro ASA, Oslo Norway, Vice President
1985-91 Oil & Gas Group
1991 -  
Corporate Centre, External Relations and Special Projects

1993 - 

Adjunct Professor, The Norwegian School of Management


The Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Technical Research (NTNF),
Manager, Strategic Planning


A/S Norsk Elektrisk & Brown Boveri, Oslo, Norway, Manager, Strategic Planning


The Swedish Defense Research Institute, Systems Analysis Division, Stockholm,
Visiting Researcher


The Naval Postgraduate School, Defense Resources Management Education
Center (DRMEC), Monterey, CA, USA, Asst. Professor of Policy Sciences


The Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, USA, Researcher


Current Boards, Commissions, etc:
The Norwegian Research Council, Science Center Committee, member; The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) -Kjeller/Halden, Board Member; NATO Science Programme, "Science and Technology Policy and Organization", member Steering Committee; National Center for Recruitment to Natural Sciences and Technology, Chair Advisory Board; U.S.- Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange, member Board of Directors ; The Norwegian EU-Delegation, member of R&D- & ICT-Forum-Brüssels; The Norwegian Technical and Scientific University (NTNU), Board member at the Department of Engineering Sciences and Technology;The Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, Oslo Chapter, Board member; The Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education (NIFU), Board member.

Examples of previous Boards, Commissions, etc.:
The EU Commission for Research, Working Group (and Provisional Bureau) on Science and Technology Policy Issues for Europe, member; The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Chair of the Governing Board; Government Commission to Evaluate the Role of the One-Year "Folk Colleges"; Government Commission to Assess Public Policies for Stimulating Private R&D Spending; The Norwegian Technical and Scientific University (NTNU), member Industrial Liaison Committee; The Norwegian Defense Research Institute, Board member; The Norwegian School of Management (BI), Board member; The Research Foundation of the Norwegian Radium (Cancer) Hospital, Board member; The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Advisory Council for Arms Control, Disarmament and Environment, member; a.s. Kongsberg Vċpenfabrikk, Board member; Aker /Aker RGI ASA, member Corporate Assembly; Lillehammer Art Museum, Board Chair; Lillehammer Olympic Organizing Committee (LOOC), member of the Executive Board; Collaborative Research Foundation Council, Vice Chair of the Board; The Norwegian Council for Applied Socio-Economic Research, Chair of Steering Group for "Oil and Society".

Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies:
Doctor Agriculturae Honoris Causa, The Agricultural University of Norway; Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences; Oslo Military Society; The Polytechnic Society.

Over 30 publications and articles covering: Electricity conservation, defense manpower policies, defense planning, education, international demographics and labor market/human resource developments, environmental issues, management, work-life/family balance, recruitment to S&T.


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