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Joining forces to tackle major challenges
partnering in research and innovation

On 21 September 2011, the Commission adopted a Communication on "Partnering in Research and Innovation". The Communication shows how partnering activities involving Member States, industry and the European Union can lead to a win-win scenario, stimulating growth and jobs and tackling some of the major challenges (such as an ageing population, the effects of climate change, and reduced availability of resources) we face today. This is also important because the current squeeze on public and private investment in research and innovation means that Europe must use existing resources even more effectively. Partnering can help to make the research and innovation cycle more efficient and shorten the time from research to market.

The key messages of the Communication
  • Partnering activities have demonstrated the potential to contribute to the objectives of Europe 2020, notably to the Innovation Union flagship. Therefore, they will continue to be an important element of future European research and innovation policy.
  • There is a need for increased long-term commitment from all partners, including Member States and industry, to partnering
  • The partnering landscape will be simplified, including by rationalising the number of partnering instruments.

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