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European Research and Innovation Area Board (ERIAB)

Mandate of ERIAB

The members of ERIAB are appointed for a maximum of a 4year term. The mandate of ERIAB expires on 29 February 2016

The first ERIAB plenary took place on 27/28 September 2012 in Brussels.

Members of ERIAB

Prof. Luc Soete - Chair- Rector of Maastricht University

Dr. Barbara Haering - Co-Chair-Chief Executive of econcept Inc., Zürich, Switzerland, Swiss-Female

Prof. Hans-Jörg Bullinger - President Co-Chair-Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, München, Germany, German-Male

Ms Manuela Arata - TT Manager at CNR and President of the Science Festival, Rome, Italy, Italian-Female

Prof. Genevieve Berger - Chief Research and Development Officer at Unilever, London, UK, French-Female

Prof. Anna Czlonkowska - Professor at 2nd Department of Neurology, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw, Poland, Polish-Female

Ms Anne Glover - Chief Executive of Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd. London, UK, British-Female

Dr. Peter Heffernan - Chief Executive of Marine Institute, Galway, Ireland, Irish- Male

Prof. Toivo Maimets - Professor of Cell Biology and Director, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Tartu, Estonia, Estonia-Male

Dr. Jan-Eric Sundgren - Executive Vice President Public & Environmental Affairs at Volvo Group Headquarters, Göteborg, Sweden, Swedish-Male

Prof. John Wood - Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities, London, UK, British-Male

Tasks of ERIAB:
  1. to advise the European Commission on European Research Area Issues, to provide recommendations on priorities and actions and in particular on how to increase the innovation impact and to evaluate the relevant part of Innovation Union Flagship initiatives on a continuous basis;
  2. to deliver opinions on the development and realisation of the European Research Area and the Innovation Union at the request of the Commission, or on the Board’s own initiative;
  3. to provide the Commission with an annual report on the development of the European Research Area and of the Innovation Union;
  4. to reflect on new trends in the European Research Area and the Innovation Union.

Profile of ERIAB Members and criteria for their nomination and appointment by the European Commission

  • prominent research and/or innovation profile, including expertise in non-technological innovation
  • experience in the design, management and implementation of research and/or innovation policy
  • advisory experience on a European or international level
  • balance among research and technology disciplines including persons with specific university-industry experience
  • geographical balance
  • appropriate gender balance
Workprogramme of ERIAB

The workprogramme of ERIAB will be determined annually. In the course of 2012, the Board will provide a "stress-test" of the Innovation Union.

Support to ERIAB

ERIAB is supported by a secretariat (Unit C2-DG RTD). The Commission supports ERIAB with studies on issues of immediate relevance research and innovation policy.