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ERA Chairs

“ERA Chairs�? is a new measure to bridge the research and innovation divide in Europe. These grants are intended to help develop research excellence in EU Member States, Associated Countries and regions.

Universities or other eligible research institutions with currently low levels of participation in the Framework Programme, with a demonstrated potential and a concrete plan for research excellence, will be selected by the Commission to appoint outstanding research leaders: the "ERA Chairs" and his/her research team. This will permit these institutions to develop, in a particular field, the level of excellence required to successfully compete internationally and effectively widen participation.

An ERA Chairs pilot call, funded under FP7, is launched on 18 December 2012. Future ERA Chair calls will be published under Horizon 2020.


Participant portal

How many “ERA Chairs�? will be awarded in the pilot call?

Which institutions are eligible to apply under the pilot call?

How can the funding be used?

Which research themes are eligible?

How will the “ERA Chairs�? be selected?

Indicative Timetable for the ERA Chairs Pilot call



* 1 Capacities: Research Potential Work Programme 2012-2013.

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