Euratom Nuclear Research - How we work

How we work

The current Euratom Research Framework Programme (FP7 2007-11) comprises two specific programmes:

  • Direct actions: this includes nuclear-related research carried out by the European Commission in its own Joint Research Centre (JRC). JRC activities may cover topics like nuclear waste management and environmental impact, and nuclear safety. For more information on the JRC, please click here.
  • Indirect actions: research in either fusion or fission using Community funds and managed by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research.

With 287 million € available for 2007-11, indirect actions in the area of fission are carried out by Europe-wide project consortia. These receive financing for projects which are selected on the basis of competitive calls for proposals.

The fusion energy programme has a budget of €1.9 billion during 2007-11 but does not work with calls for proposals - instead it has a wide range of funding mechanisms as follows:

  • Contracts of Association between the Commission and Member States or Associated Countries or entities within those states: European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA)
  • Fusion for Energy (F4E): the European joint undertaking for ITER and the development of fusion energy
  • International agreements between Euratom and third countries covering activities in the field of fusion energy research and development, in particular the ITER agreement
  • Any other multilateral agreement concluded between the Community and associated organisations, such as the Agreement on staff mobility
  • Cost-sharing actions to promote and contribute to fusion energy research in countries where there is no Contract of Association.

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