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04 October 2005 – Commission publishes call for ‘Euratom Fusion Training Scheme’

The European Commission has published a call for proposals for the ‘Euratom Fusion Training Scheme’ – a new training scheme aimed at giving an extra boost to European fusion energy research, particularly in light of the imminent construction of the first international large-scale fusion experiment - ITER – in Cadarache, France.

The call for proposals for the Euratom Fusion Training Scheme was published on 4 October 2005. With a budget of €8 million, it will support 100 person years of training in the field of fusion energy research. Open to consortia involved in the European Fusion Programme, it is inviting proposals for joint training programmes accessible to experienced researchers, post-graduates and engineers. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 31 January 2006.

Projects are expected to provide top-quality training in fusion technology, preparing young researchers to participate in the ITER project and the European Fusion Programme. It is hoped that, in addition to developing Europe’s expertise in this field, the scheme will help to strengthen collaborations between research organisations, integrate researchers from the new Member States and promote the transfer of knowledge and know-how between research laboratories and industry in a wide range of fusion science and technology fields.