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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

News from 2001 and 2002

Fission and radiation protection

Major conference to launch the Sixth Framework Programme
Brussels, 11-13 November 2002

Over 8000 people attended this conference, held by the European Commission to launch the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for research, which runs from 2002 to 2006.

The conference presented the Framework Programme's objectives and priorities and provided information on how to submit research proposals. Participants also had the opportunity to exchange experiences and engage in scientific debate at a series of workshops. An extensive exhibition of 150 stands showcased EU activities and the best of current national and European-wide research. Energy research (renewable energy sources, fission, fusion reduced energy demand, etc) also featured strongly at the conference.

Further details can be found at the conference website:

European Research Area: The challenge of overcoming the present fragmentation of Europe’s research efforts has been taken up. Progress towards a European Research Area has become the reference point for research policy issues in Europe

High Level Group on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
First meeting: Brussels, 10 October 2002
This group, which brings together top-level stakeholders from across Europe, representing a broad cross-section of interests, held its first meeting on 10th October 2002. Its task is to formulate an integrated EU vision on the possible role that hydrogen and fuel cells could play in achieving sustainable energy.

Report on the outcome of eight expert workshops on future priorities for SES research
Brussels, November-December 2001

In November and December 2001, DG Research's Energy Directorate organised a series of eight workshops with external experts to review the needs and challenges for EU research into non-nuclear energy.
The objective of the workshops was to initiate a process of reflection, discussion and consultation on the priorities for energy research that will ultimately lead, inter alia, to the development of future Work Programmes for EU-funded RTD activities. Some 150 invited experts attended the eight workshops, providing a broad representation of the research community, including industry. Overall, the subject areas selected for the workshops reflected the proposals for the Sixth Framework Programme and the content of its Specific Programmes, but did not exclude other areas of interest in the wider context of the European Research Area.
Download the report on the outcome of the workshops  PDF icon [952 Kb]

Conference on integration of new energy systems
Brussels, 25-26 September 2001
Obstacles to the widespread use of new energy systems need to be overcome if we are to benefit fully from their advantages - they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
A conference on "Integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation in energy systems" was organised by the European Commission's Research DG on 25-26 September 2001. It considered practical solutions to both the technical and non-technical problems of their integration into existing energy systems.

EU-US fuel cell workshop
Brussels, 14 September 2001
Building upon the commitment expressed by both parties in the recently signed Implementing Agreement for Non-Nuclear Energy Scientific and Technological Co-operation, the fuel cell workshop aimed to further promote, stimulate and support EU-US co-operation on fuel cell research.
The workshop, held in Brussels, aimed at contributing to an increased penetration of decentralised generation into liberalised energy markets within the next couple of decades. It also hoped to contribute to new EU and US legislation to facilitate fuel cell deployment and integration into existing urban transport systems.

EU-US energy research co-operation agreements signed
Brussels, 14 May 2001
By working together for their mutual benefit, transatlantic energy researchers will profit from each other's strengths.
The European Commission and the USA recently signed an 'Implementing Arrangement covering scientific co-operation in the field of non-nuclear energy' and a 'Co-operation agreement on nuclear fusion'. EU Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin, and US Secretary of State Spencer Abraham, signed the agreements on 14 May 2001 in Brussels, Belgium.