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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

Fusion energy

Fission and radiation protection

Fusion is the powerhouse of the universe. It is the energy source of the Sun and other stars. We want to harness the power of fusion on Earth for the benefit of mankind, transforming it into an almost unlimited energy source.

Introduction to Fusion

Our mission


The goal of European fusion research is to develop the technology for a safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible and economically viable energy source. The aim is to demonstrate the viability of fusion as a future energy option to meet the needs of a growing world population. The availability of abundant and widespread fuel resources for the production of fusion energy, the inherent safety aspects, and the environmental friendliness are all reasons why Europe and the large nations of the world are pursuing its development as a possible future energy source through the international research project ITER, that brings together countries representing more that half of the world's population.

Achieving the aim of making fusion a viable energy source requires a sustained long-term research effort. Due to the scale of this research, and the need for expertise in a wide range of disciplines, all EU Member States collaborate in a joint effort carried out under the European Atomic Energy Community EURATOM Framework Programmes and with six other parties through the ITER Agreement.

The success achieved to date demonstrates that the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion has given birth to ITER, supported not only by the EU but also by Japan, the People's Republic of China, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the USA. ITER will form the foundation of a future fusion power station. DEMO, a demonstration reactor, will be the next step.

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Fusion energy research in Europe: because of the scale of fusion research and the need for expertise in a wide range of disciplines, the EU Member States collaborate with international partners in a joint research effort. Currently, seven countries are working on the construction of ITER – an experimental reactor on which a future fusion power station will be based.

Fusion energy - research topics: fusion research principally focuses on confining and heating fusion plasmas, using strong magnetic fields. Detailed information about a variety of current and future research topics can be found here. Focus centres on plasma physics, plasma engineering and technology R&D. 

Fusion energy – ongoing research: fusion research is carried out within the EURATOM Seventh Framework Programme. Details of principal activities of the fusion programme and the experimental facilities where these activities are carried out can be found here.

Links: a selection of interesting and useful links in the area of fusion energy research in Europe and around the world can be found here.