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 Eu and energy research

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Non-nuclear energy

Cross-cutting actions

Fission and radiation protection

Here is a list of ongoing research projects in this activity area.

Projects are grouped according to whether they started in the Seventh (2007–11) or the Sixth (2002–06) Euratom Framework Programme (Euratom FP7 or FP6). Expected completion dates are shown in parentheses.

Euratom FP7

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  • CARBOWASTE: Treatment and Disposal of Irradiated Graphite and other Carbonaceous Waste (31 March 2012). This project aims at developing best practices in the retrieval, treatment and disposal of irradiated graphite (i-graphite) compatible with economic and socio-political requirements.
  • GETMAT: Gen. IV and Transmutation Materials (31 January 2013). The objectives of the GETMAT project is to carry out R&D leading to advances in materials technology for transmutation and advanced reactor systems, with wider implications for possible future waste management strategies and for the development of generation-IV systems as part of a coordinated Euratom support to GIF (Generation IV International Forum).
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Euratom FP6

  • SNF-TP: Sustainable Nuclear Fission Technology Platform – Coordination Action (30 September 2008). The overall objective of the Sustainable Nuclear Fission Technology Platform (SNF-TP) coordination action is to coordinate the development of a coherent European strategy and to provide the mechanisms for consolidating and deciding future research programmes within the Euratom Treaty. The project has been instrumental in the subsequent establishing of the actual European technology platform (ETP) in this field, the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNE-TP).
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