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Jos Berghman

Jos Berghman
Session 1.1

Jos Berghman

Jos Berghman is Professor of Social Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Leuven University, Belgium and directs the international postgraduate ‘Impalla’ programme on social policy analysis.

Jos Berghman graduated in political and social sciences and completed a Ph.D. on the Theory of Social Security. From 1971 to 1985, he was a Researcher and Director of the Centre of Social Policy of the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He then became Professor of Social Security Studies at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, where he chaired the multidisciplinary department of Social Security Studies. He also presided over the board of IVA, the Tilburg Institute for Social Contract Research, and served as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Jos Berghman is President of the European Institute of Social Security and chairs the tripartite Supervisory Board of the Belgian Social Security System. He is member of editorial boards of several international journals on social security policy and of scientific award committees. His main research interests are comparative and European social security, social exclusion, social cohesion policies and social security policy information.

He has been an Advisor to the European Commission Directorate General for Social Affairs and to Eurostat, as well as to the governments of several EU Member States and to the Council of Europe. He is vice-president of the Luxembourg Centre d’études de politiques socio-économiques CEPS/INSTEAD and member of the Lisbon Agenda Group.

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