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Brochures & Reports

A decade of EU-funded GMO research (2001 - 2010) [PDF document - 3.88 MB]
This publication summarises the results of 50 selected research projects on genetically modified organisms (GMO), co-funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, and conducted in the period 2001 - 2010, including a summary of the latest Eurobarometer survey 2010 on Life Sciences and Biotechnology.

BioPolis Final report
Inventory and analysis of national public policies that stimulate biotechnology research, its exploitation and commercialisation by industry in Europe in the period 2002-2005

Food quality and safety in Europe
Food quality and safety research projects funded under the 1st and 2nd calls for proposals

Anim.Al.See final report: Alternative methods in animal experimentation – evaluating scientific, ethical and social issues in the 3Rs context [PDF document - 182 KB]

New perspectives on the knowledge-based bio-economy: Conference report [PDF document - 2.86 MB]

The fight against obesity: Examples of EU projects in the field of nutrition and obesity [PDF document - 1.05 MB]

Plants for the future – 2025: a European vision for plant genomics and biotechnology [PDF document - 4.16 MB]

European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health - Vision 2015 [PDF document - 4.16 MB]

International co-operation in biotechnology, food and agriculture research - Making a world of difference [PDF document - 12 MB]

The overall socio-economic dimension of community research in the Fifth European Framework Programme [PDF document - 891 KB]

Why are most Europeans opposed to GMOs? Factors explaining rejection in France and Europe, paper published in the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 15 April 2003

Factors in the development of opposition to GMOs and case-study evidence, IPTS Report N° 73, April 2003

Summary report of the EURAGRI conference: ‘Science for society-science with society; how can research on food and agriculture in Europe better respond to citizens’ expectations and demands?’ [PDF document - 827 KB]

Strategic accompanying measures in life sciences: from FP5 to FP6 [PDF document - 155 KB]
Brochure describing 18 projects [PDF document - 628 KB] funded within the Quality of Life Programme (1998-2002)

Genetic testing studies, patients’ rights, insurance and employment [PDF document -1 MB]
A survey of regulations in the European Union (2001-2002)

Gene technology for food
Brochure of the Swiss Ethics Committee on non-human gene technology (ECNH) available in English, German and French as PDF file.

Introduction to Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health (FP6 priority area) [PDF document - 416 KB]

Quarterly Bulletins of the FP5 Quality of Life programme

The process of addressing the ethical dimension of animal experimentation and implementing the principle of the Three Rs under the « Quality of life » programme [PDF document - 308 KB]

Reports from the External Advisory Groups of the fifth framework programme (FP5)

Stem cells: Therapies for the future? [PDF document - 1.17 MB]

Conference on Genetics and the future of Europe [PDF document - 592 KB]

Documents relating to the Life Sciences Chapter of the Fourth RTD Framework Programme (1994-98).



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