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Page last update: 21/01/05

Basic information

Under the fifth thematic priority of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), the Commission intends to invest 685 million to promote and back research efforts into enhancing food quality and safety.

The activities carried out in this area are intended to help establish the integrated scientific and technological basis needed to develop an environmentally friendly production and distribution chain of safer and healthier food. It covers issues such as organic farming, genetically modified organisms, and health risks associated with environmental changes.
This thematic priority also aims to control food-related risks through the effective utilisation of biotechnology tools and by exploring the practical implications of breakthroughs in the emerging field of ‘post-genomic’ research.
With the advent of FP6, there has been a significant departure in approach in which projects will take the entire food production chain into account by creating Networks of Excellence (NoE) and Integrated Projects (IPs) in order to guarantee a maximum level of protection for the citizen.
EU activities will cover research into safer and more environmentally friendly production and processing methods, the epidemiology of food-related diseases and allergies, the impact of new food products on health, ‘traceablility’ processes and the impact of animal feed on human health.

Sixth Framework Programme opportunities
In the Food Quality and Safety priority, Specific Support Actions are an important instrument for fostering public debate. These are essentially a continuation of the accompanying measures used in FP5. They will support the implementation of FP6, and may be used to help prepare for future EU research policy activities, such as conferences, seminars, analyses, operational support and dissemination, information and communication activities.

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