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Getting kids to go for greens

For new parents concerned with getting their babies to eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables, the EU-funded Habeat project has just published some welcome advice. The ‘5 tips for success with vegetables’ draw on the project’s investigations into the formation of food habits in the very young, as well as earlier work by the project coordinator, INRA Transfert.

The key tips are: be persistent, offer variety, lead by example, stay relaxed and get them involved in cooking. They can be found in the ‘parents’ section of the Habeat website, where the reasoning behind each piece of advice is set out. This section is available in six EU languages.

The Habeat project brings together 11 European partners in the fields of psychology, epidemiology, behavioural science, nutrition and sensory science. The partners are using epidemiological and experimental studies in six countries to identify the controls and influences on eating habits among the very young, and to develop strategies for how these can be formed, guided and changed.

As well as providing support for policy makers, the project also targets parents and practitioners in its communications activities.

The Habeat website