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TRANSFOP Stakeholders meeting

The TRANSFOP Programme is organising its Stekaholders meeting on 19th of March in Brussels. This meeting will bring together stakeholder groups with an interest in food pricing issues across the EU. As well as industry groups (FoodDrinkEurope, European Dairy Association, UGAL and EuroCommerce), there will also be participation from the a European Commission (DG Agri, DG RTD, DG Enterprise, DG COMP), Eurostat and the OECD.

The Stakeholders meeting will be an excellent opportunity to discuss emerging research from the TRANSFOP programme, how the results from the TRANSFOP programme impact on the current policy environment and the identification of future research needs. During the workshop another project dealing with commodity price issues will be also briefly presented (ULYSSES).

You can consult the agenda here pdf - 52 KB [52 KB] pdf - 52 KB [52 KB] and find out more info on:

Practical information:

TRANSFOP Stakeholders meeting, 19th March, 2013; 9.30-13.00,
Offices of FoodDrink Europe, Avenue des Nerviens 9-31, Brussels