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Technology Platforms

"Technology Platform on Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction FABRE-TP"

FABRE-TP aims to support stakeholder involvement in the set up of a partnership led by industry to tackle major issues concerning sustainable animal breeding and reproduction in Europe, and the developing world. It aims to mobilize the research, technological development and innovation efforts in Europe, and to bring together key stakeholders around a common vision for the development of the technologies and issues around farm animal breeding and reproduction. A vision paper on farm animal breeding and reproduction on the medium to long term (15-20 years) was published in March 2006. Currently, a strategy for implementation is being drafted, discussed and implemented.

Technology Platform “Plants for the Future”

The European Technology Platform "Plants for the Future" is a stakeholder forum on plant genomics and biotechnology that was initiated by the European Commission on the request of the Brussels European Council of March 2003. It is supported by the European Commission via a Specific Support Action in FP6 and the major public and private stakeholders. It is coordinated by EPSO and EuropaBio.
The stakeholders are academia, industry (crop improvement, seed, food, feed, new products, retailers etc.), agricultural, forestry, educational, financial, consumer and environmental organisations.The four challenges for society to which the plant sector can contribute are articulated in the Vision and Research Agenda papers as:

  1. Healthy, safe and sufficient food and feed
  2. Sustainable agriculture, forestry and landscape
  3. Green products
  4. Competitiveness, consumer choice and governance

European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health - Vision 2015

A "European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health" was launched on 16 December 2004 in Brussels. The platform led by industry brings together the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies, livestock producers, research institutions, universities, regulatory authorities and the financial world. It is supported by Development Commissioner Louis Michel, Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik and Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner Markos Kyprianou. The initiative is being set up to deliver new or improved tools, in particular vaccines and diagnostics, for the control and prevention of major animal diseases both in the developing world and in Europe.

Technology Platform of the European Forest-Based Sector (FTP)

The European Confederation of Woodworking Industries (CEI-Bois), The Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF) and the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) have set up a project to establish a Technology Platform for the forest-based sector.
This project aims at establishing and implementing the sector’s R&D roadmap for the future and is supported by a wide range of different stakeholders.

Food for Life

The challenging opportunities for improving welfare and well-being in Europe through research and innovation in the European agro-food industry, together with the size, nature and regional importance of this industry sector, justify the inclusion of a food ETP amongst the some 25 existing ETPs at various stages of development.

For details see :

Industrial Biotechnology Platform

The industry led technology platform on sustainable chemistry which brings together the leading chemical industries with the new emerging biotechnology sector was launched in 2004 in recognition that biotechnology has an important contribution to make to a sustainable and competitive chemical industry. The platform is a multi-stakeholder forum, involving other industrial stakeholders such as the textile industry, detergents, the pulp and paper industries, and is designed to develop a European strategic research agenda and carry out joint research projects. Industrial Biotechnology or ‘white biotech’ is a multidisciplinary technology, which can be used to produce goods on an industrial scale, while respecting the environment and has shown to be good for people, planet and profit. The technology uses all the tricks that life and nature provide to produce goods like antibiotics, detergents, plastics and fuels.


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