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A campanha «EUinmyRegion» visa incentivar os cidadãos a descobrirem projetos da UE perto do local onde vivem: a abrirem as portas de projetos financiados pela UE ao público; a tirarem as melhores fotografias para apresentação no concurso de fotografia; a escreverem histórias sobre os projetos da UE para participação no concurso de blogues; e a testarem os seus conhecimentos sobre as regiões da UE respondendo a um questionário desafiante.

Concurso de Blogues

A little live-blogging trip to Charleroi: the tech

Back almost five years ago I spent a week live blogging from Greenpeace&rsq ...

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Test your knowledge of EU regions and win a gourmet basket full of european regional products!


A brief guide for participants

To guide you on how to compete, we invited 3 bloggers and 2 photographers to Charleroi, Belgium. This city suffered from the post-industrial crisis and is developing many urban projects to renew its city centre. EU funds play an important role in this reconversion with various projects co-financed.
That’s why we all met at Quai10, a cultural centre that opened just a year ago. Watch the video to learn more about the story of Charleroi and listen to the podcasts to hear tips and tricks from these talented professionals. Learn how they approached their subject!

More insights from professionals

Justin Paquay

- Photographer

Daniel Botelho

- Photographer

Jon Worth

- Blogger

Kathleen Wuyard

- Blogger

Alexander Ricci

- Blogger

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