RegioStars Awards

RegioStars Awards identify good practices in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects that are attractive and inspiring to other regions.

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Improving the public perception of transparency in the use of EU funds was the main goal of the Lithuanian project Jonvabaliai (Fireflies).

The project was centred around an interactive website, hosting a map with projects financed by European Structural Funds. Project managers could, on a voluntarily basis, submit information on their project such as  results, prices, public procurement procedures, company's shareholders, anti-corruption measures, funds management and more. The more information was made public, the more “transparency fireflies” the project would earn.

Since September 2014, more than 630 project managers have joined the initiative following a series of actions which encouraged projects to join. These included an advertising campaign, a contest for municipalities, the possibility to use the initiative’s visual identity, the proposal to join open-project days, the production of road-signs inviting people to visit the projects, as well as a TV-show dedicated to the Fireflies project.

The Fireflies website was visited by 35 500 unique visitors accounting for 140 000 page views and as a result of the project, the proportion of citizens who consider the transparency level on allocation of EU funds’ as “transparent” or “rather transparent” increased from 28% to 50. 9%.

Jonvabaliai (Fireflies) is the "Effective Management" winner of the Regiostars Awards 2016.


More Information on the project
Website -  Transparency Initiative Jonvabaliai 
Regiostars 2016

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RegioStars Awards identify good practices in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects that are attractive and inspiring to other regions.

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After being selected by an independent jury, representatives from the finalist projects will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony. You might be one of the winners!

The Award Categories for 2017 are:

  1. Smart Specialisation for SME innovation
  2. Energy Union: Climate action
  3. Women Empowerment and Active Participation
  4. Education and training
  5. CityStars: Cities in Digital Transition

This year's RegioStars award ceremony will take place on Tuesday, October 10, during the 2017 European Week of Regions and Cities.

Finalist projects will be acknowledged throughout the selection process and during the ceremony. Winners in each category will receive a RegioStars trophy, a short video about their project and a social media promotional package.

Submit your project with the endorsement of the responsible Managing Authority or let your regional or local Managing Authority know that you wish to participate.

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To help you prepare your application, we provide the application form in Word format. However, as of this year, applications can no longer be sent in a Word document, but have to be submitted directly via the online form on the RegioStars platform.

Deadline for submitting your application: 10 April.

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The information should preferably be provided in English, but can also be submitted in all 24 EU languages. You can get free of charge a machine translation into English via this web-page.

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