As part of the Commission's better regulation agenda, there are now more opportunities to contribute to the EU law-making process.

Better regulation: why and how

The initial idea

Send us your views on initial ideas for new laws or on plans for evaluations of individual laws and 'fitness checks' of multiple laws. Proposed actions are set out in documents called roadmaps and inception impact assessments.

Give feedback on roadmaps and inception impact assessments

Potential impacts

Through open public consultations you can express your views on aspects of impact assessments, before the Commission finalises its proposals. Impact assessments cover the issues to be tackled, whether action should be taken at EU level and the potential effects of different solutions outlined.

Consultation period: 

- a minimum of 12 weeks

Participate in public consultations

The Commission proposal

Once the Commission has agreed on a legislative proposal and put it forward for adoption by the EU Parliament and Council, you can give your feedback on it, and on the published impact assessment report. The Commission will collect your views and present them to the Parliament and Council.

Feedback period: 

- 8 weeks following publication of the Commission proposal in all EU languages  

Give feedback on Commission legislative proposals

Evaluations and fitness checks

Through open public consultations you can contribute to evaluations and fitness checks of how existing laws are performing in practice.

Consultation period: 

- a minimum of 12 weeks

Participate in public consultations

Draft implementing and delegated acts

You can express your views on draft texts of Commission acts that either amend or supplement non-essential elements of existing laws, via delegated acts, or specify the conditions for existing laws to be implemented in the same way across the EU, via implementing acts.

Feedback period:

- 4 weeks

Share your views on draft implementing and delegated acts 

How to improve existing laws

At any time, you can tell us how you think existing laws could be better. The Commission will examine your suggestions to simplify EU laws and reduce regulatory burden. Your ideas may be submitted to the REFIT platform

Feedback period: anytime

Share your views on how to simplify EU regulation

Other opportunities

The Commisison may also consult on other types of documents. For instance on green papers, which are launched by the Commission to stimulate discussion on given topics at European level.

Consultation period: 

- a minimum of 12 weeks

Participate in public consultations

Search closed consultations

Planning calendar of upcoming public consultations


You can subscribe to email notifications about new roadmaps, inception impact assessments and public consultations.


If you represent an organisation or are a self-employed individual carrying out activities influencing the decision-making processes of the EU, add your details to the EU Transparency Register, an online database, before sending us your contributions.