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Issue 185, 9 December 2016


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New Health at a Glance report: lending a hand, not pointing the finger

by Xavier Prats Monné, Director-General of DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission

by Xavier Prats Monné, Director-General of DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission

The new Health at a Glance: Europe 2016 report – launched on 23 November – is the initial result of the first two-year State of Health in the EU cycle; it provides Member States with reliable health information and sound expert analysis that can help them form evidence-based policy. 

The report, which also helps determine areas where EU-added value might be particularly meaningful, examines the health status and systems in the EU Member States and highlights obstacles that prevent them from being as effective, accessible and resilient as they might be.

There is good news and bad news in the rep [...]

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News from the EU 

No safe exposure limit for UV radiation from sunbeds, concludes independent scientific committee  »

The European Commission and its Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) have published the final Opinion on the biological effects of ultraviolet radiation relevant to health with particular reference to sunbeds for cosmetic purposes.

New Steering Group on Promotion and Prevention aims to help tackle chronic diseases  »

Made up of representatives from all EU and EEA countries, the group was set up by the Commission to help Member States halt the rise of non-communicable diseases by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention. The Steering Group met for the first time on 30 November in Brussels.

Food industry and NGOs participate in EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health  »

Packaging, marketing and the composition of processed foods can have a huge impact on childhood obesity. Industry and civil society joined the Commission on 24 November to discuss digital food marketing, food reformulation and physical activity and agreed upon a new methodology for future work.

Commission and Member States participate in High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity  »

Food reformulation and helping children eat healthier are priorities of both the current Slovak EU Presidency and of the upcoming Maltese EU Presidency. Read the presentations given at this 23 November meeting here.

New data shows that 1 in 7 people living with HIV do not know they're infected  »

Some 122,000 people in the EU/EEA might be unaware that they have HIV/AIDS, out of the estimated total of 810,000 people currently living with HIV in the EU/EEA, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Find out more on the ECDC's World AIDS Day 2016 web page.

New publications 

Organisation of European Cancer Institutes newsletter publishes December edition  »

The Cancer Control Joint Action (Cancon) and the new Joint Action on Rare Cancers are featured in this edition of the OECI newsletter.

EU Health Policy Platform 

Eight Non-Governmental Organisations named as finalists for EU Health Award  »

On European Antibiotic Awareness Day, 18 November, Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis announced the eight NGOs shortlisted for the award for their work to fight antimicrobial resistance. These NGOs will be featured in upcoming Health-EU newsletters.

Endorse the Joint Statements of the EU Health Policy Platform  »

Register on the web platform to endorse the Joint Statements on Mental Health, Health Inequalities, Patient Safety and Public Health Workforce.

 How to become a user of the Platform


EU Press Releases 

New Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance to be launched in 2017  »

On European Antibiotic Awareness Day, 18 November, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis said that the EU had "led the way in the fight against this massive threat' and announced that a second Action Plan would be launched in 2017.

Cancer Control Joint Action (Cancon) gives evidence-based advice on cancer control  »

This joint action's main outcome, the Guide, is nearly ready and will provide information and advice for decision-makers and cancer care professionals in Europe.

Reporting from across Europe 

National strategy on nutrition and physical activity celebrates 10-year anniversary  [Luxembourg]  »

Some 500 activities were launched over the past decade as part of this multi-sectorial programme. The successful 'Gesond iessen - Méi bewegen' intiative (Eat Healthy, Move More) is an exemplary, innovative approach to helping people live longer, healthier lives and is supported by the Commission.

Health Guide for asylum seekers in Germany available online  [Germany]  »

Find out more about how healthcare for asylum seekers is regulated in Germany and which treatment measures are included.

Forthcoming events 

HepHIV 2017 Conference: HIV and Viral Hepatitis: Challenges of Timely Testing and Care (Malta, 21 January – 2 February 2017)  »

The HepHIV2017 is the second European conference to bring together the fields of HIV and viral hepatitis on earlier diagnosis of the two related conditions.

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