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Issue 184, 24 November 2016


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Efforts to fight Antimicrobial Resistance intensify, but everyone must do his part

by Prof. Benoit Vallet, Director General for Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, France

by Prof. Benoit Vallet, Director General for Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, France

Antimicrobial resistance has come up to the frontline of international health security concerns over the past decade. The European action plan on AMR has helped to raise awareness about the need to elaborate comprehensive national plans. Still, given the challenge, more efforts have to be made both by EU countries and by key actors beyond the health or medical and scientific field, including the European Union.

It is our belief that each actor in the field of AMR should focus on its main added value to ensure greater coherence in the global movement against microbial resistance. Addressing AMR is everyo [...]

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ARPEC - Antibiotic Resistance and Prescribing in European Children

IMPLEMENT - Implementing Strategic Bundles for Infection Prevention and Management


News from the EU 

Health Commissioner Andriukaitis helps kick-off new EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers  »

This EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers will complement and support projects on rare cancers under the Health Programme and provide a framework for all stakeholders to work together, said the Commissioner at the 7 November launch.

Two new SCCS Opinions open for comment  »

The Opinions evaluate the safety of hair dye HC Orange No. 6 (B125) and of nano-three coatings for Titanium Dioxide used as UV-filter.

Medicines for children: Commission launches Stakeholder Consultation  »

Are you interested in safe medicines for children? Parents, researchers, manufacturers or prescribers may participate in this consultation that will gather experiences and opinions on the Paediatric Regulation. Closes: 20 February 2017.

Public Consultation launched on the mid-term evaluation of the 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020)  »

Complete this short questionnaire to share your opinion and help provide the European Commission feedback to strengthen and improve the Health Programme.

EU Health Policy Platform 

Sign up today for EU Health Policy Platform Meeting! Registration closes 25 November!  »

80 participants will be selected to attend the 5 December meeting in Brussels, based on their active participation in the Platform, contribution to the joint statements, and organisation's relevance to the topics of the meeting. Participants will get access to a new network to help prepare for the meeting.

Suggest topics for new set of joint statements  »

You are invited to suggest any health topic your organisation feels important to be worked on in a thematic network for the new session. You can also become a leader of a thematic network!

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EU Press Releases 

New WHO/Europe report calls for urgent action to protect children from digital marketing of food  »

Digital media is not well regulated in many countries, leaving kids increasingly exposed to persuasive, individually-tailored marketing techniques through, for example, social media sites and “advergames”.

Reporting from across Europe 

Vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza begins  [Malta]  »

Free vaccines are offered to more vulnerable populations including people over 55, very young children over 6 months old, and people with chronic conditions.

Romania and Bulgaria sign a cooperation agreement on patient access to medicines  [Romania]  »

Patients in both countries will now have access to medications that might be unavailable in one country but available in the other.

Forthcoming events 

Slovak Presidency conference on Alzheimer’s (Bratislava, 28 - 29 November 2016)  »

Participants at the conference 'Alzheimer's disease – epidemic of the third millennium: Are we ready to face it?, will include public health decision makers, representatives from the Commission, Members of the European Parliament and global, European and national organisations active in the field of Dementia.

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