Top 100 - March 2018

    #Page TitleNumber of visits
    1Gender pay gap statistics34172
    2Migration and migrant population statistics21918
    3Unemployment statistics17963
    4Electricity price statistics13400
    5Asylum statistics13059
    6National accounts and GDP13042
    7Renewable energy statistics10812
    8Quality of life indicators - measuring quality of life10081
    9Employment statistics10040
    10Gender statistics9347
    11Population structure and ageing9222
    12Tourism statistics9076
    13Crime and criminal justice statistics8795
    14GDP at regional level8716
    15International trade in goods8682
    16Migration and migrant population statistics/es8526
    17Statistics on small and medium-sized enterprises8358
    18Marriage and divorce statistics8080
    19Energy production and imports6884
    20Asylum quarterly report6856
    21E-commerce statistics for individuals6678
    22Fertility statistics6465
    23Inflation in the euro area6351
    24Migration and migrant population statistics/it6324
    25Wages and labour costs6312
    26GDP per capita, consumption per capita and price level indices6191
    27Foreign language learning statistics6073
    28Quarterly sector accounts - households5740
    29Tertiary education statistics5681
    30Migration and migrant population statistics/fr5625
    31Agricultural production - crops5522
    32Waste statistics5367
    33Freight transport statistics5359
    34Consumption of energy5288
    35Statistics on European cities5230
    36Accidents at work statistics5166
    37Population and population change statistics5000
    38Employment statistics/es4951
    39Hourly labour costs4929
    40Municipal waste statistics4898
    41Mortality and life expectancy statistics4873
    42The fruit and vegetable sector in the EU - a statistical overview4868
    43Electricity production, consumption and market overview4829
    44Housing statistics4810
    45Causes of death statistics4806
    46International trade in goods/es4800
    47Minimum wage statistics4695
    48Natural gas price statistics4627
    49Healthcare expenditure statistics4604
    50People at risk of poverty or social exclusion4567
    51Air transport statistics4530
    52Overweight and obesity - BMI statistics4274
    53Housing price statistics - house price index4268
    54Passenger transport statistics4231
    55Tax revenue statistics4150
    56Internet access and use statistics - households and individuals4148
    57Tourism statistics/es4140
    58Packaging waste statistics4118
    59Passenger cars in the EU4102
    60Causes of death statistics/es4083
    61Tourism statistics at regional level4063
    62National accounts and GDP/es4031
    63Intra-EU trade in goods - recent trends3996
    64Comparative price levels of consumer goods and services3917
    65Water statistics3629
    66Maritime ports freight and passenger statistics3547
    67Consumer prices - inflation and comparative price levels3516
    68Balance of payment statistics3494
    69Meat production statistics3485
    70Employment statistics/it3485
    71E-commerce statistics3475
    72Healthcare personnel statistics - physicians3263
    73International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED)3171
    74Tobacco consumption statistics3160
    75Fishery statistics3141
    76Digital economy and society statistics - households and individuals3058
    77Agricultural production - animals3057
    78Government finance statistics2960
    79Milk and milk product statistics2956
    80Income distribution statistics2943
    81Quality of life indicators - health2921
    82Europe 2020 indicators - poverty and social exclusion2920
    83National accounts and GDP/it2833
    84Population statistics at regional level2822
    85Labour market and Labour force survey (LFS) statistics2784
    86Migration and migrant population statistics/pt2767
    87Quality of life indicators - natural and living environment2746
    88Surgical operations and procedures statistics2645
    89Energy consumption in households2633
    90Educational attainment statistics2597
    91Hospital discharges and length of stay statistics2595
    92Migration and migrant population statistics/pl2573
    93Wages and labour costs/de2553
    94Tourism statistics - annual results for the accommodation sector2535
    95Waste statistics/es2534
    96Business demography statistics2531
    97Household composition statistics2508
    98Europe 2020 indicators - employment2484
    99Labour cost index - recent trends2474
    100Oil and petroleum products - a statistical overview2460