The EU in the world

The EU in the world 2015 — A statistical portrait is an online and printed Eurostat publication, also downloadable in pdf format, ISBN 978-92-79-48417-9, doi:10.2785/940619, Cat. No KS-EX-15-001-EN-N. Paper publication: ISBN 978-92-79-48417-9, doi: 10.2785/245735, Cat. KS-EX-15-001-EN-C.

The infographics show EU‑28 as well as the two G20 members with the highest values and the two with the lowest values. Note that the size of the symbols does not show a precise representation of the underlying data values, but illustrates the highest and lowest values.

1. Population

2. Living conditions

3. Health

4. Education and training

5. Labour market

6. Economy and finance

7. International trade

8. Industry, trade and services

9. Research and communication

10. Transport

11. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

12. Environment

13. Energy