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Batteries & Accumulators

Evaluation of the EU Directive 2006/66/EC on batteries and accumulators (the Batteries Directive)

Article 23 of the Batteries Directive tasks the Commission to review the implementation of the Directive and its impact on the environment and the functioning of the internal market.

The Directive specifies that, for the review, the Commission will evaluate the appropriateness of further risk management measures for batteries containing heavy metals, the appropriateness of the minimum collection targets for all waste portable batteries, the possible introduction of further targets and the appropriateness of recycling efficiency levels set by the Directive. It also establishes that, if necessary, proposals for the revision of the relevant provisions of the Directive shall be made.

The evaluation is intended to be the first step of the review process, and its roadmap was published in 2016. The Batteries Directive has already been amended in 2008 and 2013, and partially evaluated, in the ex-post Evaluation of some waste stream Directives (the fitness check) in 2014. As part of the Circular Economy Package, the Commission has furthermore proposed to amend the Directive to modify its reporting requirements.

This evaluation nevertheless adopts a broader perspective, to ensure that aspects not previously addressed are properly taken into account and that more comprehensive and recent sources of information are used.

A public consultation has been held since the 6 September 2017 till the 28 November 2017.

The consultation of stakeholders aimed at capturing their views and ideas, allowing them to provide relevant and robust information for assessing the performance and suitability of the Directive. The public consultation was part of a wider consultation exercise that also included targeted surveys and interviews. A Factual Summary Report of the public consultation has been prepared.

Representatives of Member States and of Stakeholders participated in a meeting of the Expert Group on Waste (Batteries), the 14 of March 2018, where the initial findings of the Study in Support of the Evaluation of the Batteries Directive were presented.

The study is now concluded and the advanced copy of the final report is available. The assessment of the national implementation reports and the detailed analysis of the answers to the public consultation are also available.