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Resource Efficiency

SERI provides report on state-of-play of national footprint indicators


Discussions on the EU consultation document 'Options for resource-efficiency indicators' have highlighted a strong interest in footprint-type indicators. At the request of DG Environment, the Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI) has produced a report compiling state-of-the-art development of national footprint-type indicators for materials, water, land and carbon. Read more…

The SERI report is based on a review of a large number of recent papers and studies in which the various footprint calculation methodologies are discussed along with their key advantages and disadvantages. It further looks at the quality and availability of data used to calculate these indicators. In the final chapters, key areas for further improvement of footprint-type indicators are described, including an initial estimate of the efforts required to make them ready for use in the context of EU resource policies. The report also identifies the key stakeholders concerned.

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