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International Issues

Bilateral and regional cooperation

Basis of EU-Brazil Cooperation

EU-Brazil diplomatic relationship is governed by the EC-Brazil framework co-operation agreement (1992). In 2007, at the occasion of the first ever EU-Brazil Summit held in Lisbon, the EU and Brazil established the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership strengthening co-operation and developing a deeper dialogue in a number of policy areas including environment.

EU-Brazil Environment Dialogue

In 2006 a formal EU-Brazil bilateral environment dialogue was established with yearly meetings (the 'EU-Brazil Dialogue on the Environment Dimension of Sustainable Development'). The meetings provide an opportunity to exchange information on environmental policies and programmes, to compare views on multilateral developments and to enhance bilateral co-operation.

The 6th and most recent High Level Dialogue took place in Brasilia on 29 January 2014 and focused on UN Forest administration, Biodiversity, wild life trafficking, the preparations for the UN Environment Administration meeting and the state of play and priorities for bilateral programmes and projects.

Project Support

Under the Development and Cooperation Instrument, project support has been provided for environmental protection mainly focusing on deforestation and for an EU-Brazil Sectoral Dialogue Support Facility. The Facility has supported study-visits and technical exchanges on several topics including biodiversity, freshwater management, sustainable consumption and production and chemicals management.

Thematic programmes complement bilateral cooperation and also lend support for environmental conservation and sustainable development.