Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Ursula Bach

Benefits of EGL

Please note the call for 2018 European Green Leaf is now CLOSED.

Why should my city apply?

The European Green Leaf is an environmental recognition for cities with a good environmental record and a green growth commitment. The European Green Leaf will be presented to winning cities as a seal of approval, which will be bestowed on them at the European Green Capital Awards ceremony of that year.

The European Green Leaf competition will also recognise good practice examples and applicant cities also may have the opportunity to have their achievements promoted across Europe. Applying for the European Green Leaf initiative will allow cities to develop links with other environmental frontrunners in Europe and to gain exposure on an international stage.

What are the benefits?

The following advantages should convince you to participate in the European Green Leaf initiative:

  • Citizen’s pride in living/ working /playing in a green city which is recognised at EU level and where the city authority’s efforts to improve inhabitants’ quality of life are seen as a priority;
  • Attraction of new investors where green performance matters, which is an open door for increased tourism, commercial investment, new jobs and further investment in green growth initiatives;
  • Twinning and/or capacity-building among and between European Green Capital winners and Green Leaf laureates. Exchange of best practices, experiences and knowledge for continuously better quality of life.
  • Valuable national and international media coverage which leads to wider active interest in the city and its environmental achievements.

If you would like more information on the European Green Leaf Competition, please send an email to: