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Taking a proactive approach to tackling environmental challenges is the hallmark of any successful organisation in today’s marketplace.

Public authorities and the private sector, including large companies, SMEs and even micro-organisations can all become EMAS registered.

This video shows just some of these #EMASperformers, many more are listed below.

Learn more about the environmental performance of EMAS registered organisations and join the EMAS community today!

  Organisation Highlights Environmental Statement
Accord Housing Group In 2014, Accord Housing Group saved 129.7 tonnes CO2 thanks to renewable power generation.
Ahrend Ahrend factories have reduced water consumption by 93 % since 1990.
Autogrill Villoresi Est Villoresi Est saves 45 % of its energy (-166,000 kw/h), compared to a traditional Autogrill store.
Belvas Belvas is 50 % energy independent.
Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria uses 100 % renewable energies since 2002.
BMW In 2013, non-recyclable production waste was reduced by 11.4% to 5.73 kg per vehicle produced *
Bombardier Mannheim site recycles garbage waste by 99,8 %.
Bristol City Council The Bristol City Council has 4.3 hectares of accessible green space per 1,000 residents.
CEMEX Polska Sp. Z o.o. CEMEX Polska Sp. Z o.o. reduced 17 % of its CO2 emissions & 28 % in unitary coal consumption at the Cement Plant in Chelm.
City Municipality of Lubjana Increase in number of cyclists using the 'BicikeLJ' bike-sharing system to 1.6 million journeys since 2011
Delta Cafés Delta Cafés has recycled 2000 machinary and organised sensibilisation activities in 22 cities.
Ecoprint AS Ecoprint has reduced its paper waste by 8 % in 2013.
EUROBANK More than 10,000 people achieved 40 % energy efficiency at homes with the "saving at home program".
Gustavsberg Thanks to sustainable production practices Gustavsberg has almost halved its energy consumption.
European Central Bank In 2013, office paper consumption per workplace has decreased by 14.4 % compared to 2011.
Hotel Gloria Palace Amadores 23 % of the Hotel Gloria Palace Amadores energy is clean and comes from renewable sources.
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. purifies the air with 97 % efficiency after painting.
Illy Illy has roasting installations with extremely low smoke emissions of minus 95 % under permitted levels.
Kabeg KABEG reduced its water consumption of almost 30% between 2010 and 2013
La Page Original La Page Original has reduced its paper consumption by 50 % from 2010, saving 65 kg of paper in 2014
Lafarge-Tarmac Lafarge-Tarmac recycles over 10 million tonnes a year of waste and secondary materials from other sectors.
Liceu Opera House In 2013, the Liceu Opera House saved 26 % of its energy - meaning a saving of 190.000 €.
Lufthansa CityLine In 2013, saved 79 tons of kerosene per week.
Mahou Mahou revalues 99.83 % of its total wastes thanks to recycling and Ecodesign.
MAN Trucks Sp. z o.o. MAN Trucks implemented rainwater harvesting and the use of active leak control.
Martin's Hotels Martin's Hotels reduced by 8,6 % the CO2 emissions from its aggregate energy consumption.
MCA Recycling MCA Recycling trucks reduced their fuel consumption by 8 % in 2014.
MettalBau Haslinger 61,7 % of Metallbau Haslinger’s energy requirement is satisfied by using renewable energy coming from solar pannel.
Oceanário de Lisboa, S.A. Oceanário de Lisboa, S.A. promotes ocean conservation and education to more than 18 million visitors since 1998.
Port authority of Cartagena

The Port authority of Cartagena invested in reforestation of two areas with more than 700 native species.
Regional Center for Water and Wastewater Management

RCGW produces 50 % more energy than it needs every month from biogas
Saint-Gobain Mondego, S.A.

Thanks to river shipping Saint-Gobain Mondego has saved pollution corresponding to the equivalent of 140 rail cars per shipping
Salzburger Flughafen Salzburger Airport reduced its use of industrial water by 50 %.
SCA Hygiene Products GmbH Thanks to an efficient management SCA NOX emissions (carbon dioxides, carbon monoxide and nitrogen) are 1/3 lower than the legally allowed standards
SeeHotel Wiesler SeeHotel Wiesler has developed a clothes dryer with hotwater heating using renewable local wood.
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Berlin The Ritz Carlton contributes to biodiversity by having its own bee-hives (15000 to 30000 bees)
UniCredit 29 % reduction in direct and indirect GHG emission VS 2008 baseline.
UPM UPM processes water several times, thereby generating very little effluent.
Vaude Vaude is a leader in circular economy and sustainable communication : all products are created with the aim of being repaired reused and recycled!
Viessman Viessman reduced its fossil fuel consumption by 66 % and its CO2 emission by 80 %.
Werner & Mertz Werner & Mertz uses PET bottles that are 80 % made of PET recycled material, saving 200 tons of new PET per year
WestfalenWIND Westfalenwind avoided the production of 74,000 metric tonnes of CO2 at the Wewelsburg farm in 2013.
Zoologisk Have København More than 35 % use of ecological fruits and vegetables as animal feed.

* This figure is for all production sites and is not limited to EMAS registered sites