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Welcome to the EMAS Awards Website!

Dear EMAS community,

It is a real pleasure to see the levels of creativity, excellence and engagement shown by the entries for the EMAS Awards 2014. This year, the Awards focus on the important issue of eco-innovation. In this booklet you will find many inspiring examples of EMAS-registered organisations that have been particularly innovative in finding ways to reduce their environmental impact. Whether by changing the way they provide a service or by making their supply chains more sustainable, these organisations have come up with novel and inspiring ‘greening’ strategies. But greening does not only bring environmental benefits; it also makes increasing business sense. Many of the examples you see here embody the much-needed transition towards a resource-efficient economy, in which entrepreneurs gain more value added from each tonne of material, each joule of energy, each cubic metre of water and each hectare of land. An important aspect of this is the creation of a circular economy, in which materials are pumped back into the economy again and again instead of being buried or burned.

The European Commission is actively facilitating and supporting this transition process through its Roadmap to Resource Efficiency, and considers EMAS instrumental to achieving this aim. By rewarding environmental and eco-innovative front runners and encouraging eco-innovation, EMAS contributes to steady economic growth, creating ‘green’ business opportunities across the whole economy. Eco-innovation not only helps to create and provide new products, techniques and services; it also facilitates the achievement of both environmental and financial goals. All EMAS Award winners and nominees deserve praise for being the pioneers of systematic and innovative environmental management approaches. By implementing the premium environmental management tool EMAS, these organisations are already role models for others across the world – and we are very pleased to be able to recognise this outstanding environmental contribution with the EMAS Awards.

Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment

To learn more about all the nominees and their impressive eco-innovations, download the 2014 EMAS Awards Brochure.