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EMAS - Performance, Credibility, Transparency

Eco-label Environmental Compliance Assistance Program Green Public Procurement

Statistics and Graphs

Disclaimer: The accuracy of the graphs and statistics presented on these pages is dependent on the information provided by the individual Member States. Numbers may differ from those of national registers, according to the timing of the data received from national registers.


Overview of the take-up of EMAS across the years:


Leading Service Sectors:


Leading Industrial Sectors:


Size of EMAS Registered Organisations:


Here you will find detailed Informaiton about the Statistics


Other statistics:

To get immediate up-to-date statistics, you can directly access the EMAS register/database and define the query of your choice, access pre-defined queries and access statistics on the following website: /environment/emas/register/.
On this website you can choose between different options:

  • the base search, which you can use for simple queries that give quick answers, such as statistics on NACE codes and/or country;

  • a more sophisticated search, such as multi-criteria search or wild-card search that you can access through the "search" icon of the menu on top of the page;

  • search to statistics: accessible through the "statistic" icon of the menu on top of the page. On this search page, you can get access to the different statistics that used to be in the statistics file that is available quarterly and on demand to the Helpdesk.

The different results of your queries can be easily downloaded to Excel-sheets by clicking on this option.

You can also download the EMAS total table by leaving all fields empty in the base search. This method enables you to use all Excel functions to sort the data and calculate the different numbers/statistics you are looking for.

For more specific queries, you can contact the EMAS Helpdesk.